A rather hairy dilemma.

Kurt, Dr. McCoy, and Rahne discuss/debate/argue about fur care and which of them has the bigger difficulty in handling the problem.  Also, there’s a theory in the fandom about Rahne being unable to shave her legs/underarms/etc. because it leaves her wolf-form with awkward bald spots.  Is this a fact or a misled rumor?  Your call.


Three mutants were shopping, two wore holograms and all three were stuck in the shampoo aisle.

“Mister Wagner… I’m been having some… difficulties. Perhaps you could advise…?” He looked around. Too many humans in the aisle. Not enough privacy.

“Ah.” Kurt got it anyway. “Never use the ‘extra body’ stuff anywhere but the head, ja?”

“So, instead…?”

“Sleek shine.”

“Hm. Never comes in bargain packs, I notice.”

“One does, but you have to order it online.”

“Rahne? You’re not making a selection?”

“Not my aisle,” the young Scot blushed. “Mine’s 'glossy coat’ or 'flea and tick control’.”

“…oh dear…” murmured Hank.

“I heard some rude rumours about…” Kurt trailed off and did a bit of blushing himself. “Ladyscaping…”

Rahne glared at him and said. “It grows back when I morph, awrigh’? It’s why I carry a six-pack o’ quick-wax strips in me uniform pack. An’ nae more’s tae be said about it.”

Kurt made a zipping motion across his mouth.

“Now, I believe this store has a surfeit of brushes,” said Hank. “Given our… mutual nature, perhaps Mister Wagner can help us choose something to assist with the -ah- occasional burr.”

“…'munnaneedaloveglove…” Rahne muttered.

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