50% Battery

This weekend was a little more crowded than I like. Mayhem's birthday and associated running around. Mayhem's work and the resultant Leyland's Tour.

I didn't get as much nothing done as I wanted. So my internal reserves are less than I like. And face it, I gorged on No-No food all weekend.

My will check will be passing on all the leftover carbage in the house which includes one of my hardy perennial weaknesses - Fry's Turkish Delight. My other weaknesses are nougat and cheesecake. If Polly Waffles still existed, they would also be on the list.

BUT - as motivation, I have taken one fun-size turkish delight and placed it on my desk as a reward for getting the day's work done.

Other BUT - one of my indulgences this weekend past was pizza with prawns on it. And since it also had baby spinach on it... I'm likely to be regretting that dietary choice by tonight.

Yes, folks. The nice people at Dominos Pizza, friends to late-night nerds everywhere, have removed the option to edit your pizza in their phone app. I had to take their prawn pizza with the baby spinach -glued on by the cheese so I couldn't pick it off- and like it that way.

Spinach, silverbeet, and most of the cabbage family, have an... explosive effect on my digestive system. 24 hours and... eugh. It's why I went gonzo over kale because it's one of the few iron-rich, green, leafy veggies that I can actually DIGEST.

You'll get some details tomorrow that you may not want to read. Be warned.

The brat run is almost due, and The Human UXB will be hitting the roads in a few short minutes.