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Challenge #01262-C167: Going With the Flow

"Such unfortunate words you use for the Old Magics... 'beyond your control'. Why do humans seek to control everything? It seems to me that unless humans are able to give something purpose, use or station, it has no value to you. It is troubling in a way."

"You find humanity wicked, do you?"

"No. I find humanity to be very young, and as any youngling, they are both brave and foolish, fearless yet unknowing. Which is why when I hear you say 'magic beyond my control', I can only respond by saying that magic by its very nature cannot be controlled, at least not in the way you envision it. It can be directed and studied and sometimes employed, but to completely control magic? You may also attempt to control the stars, with equally poor success, I'm afraid." -- Anon Guest

"So how might magic be used? What's it good for?"

The Immortal smiled. "It is the fabric of reality. It is all that is. And it is in all that is. A blacksmith can turn a collection of rusty metal into fine armour by knowing how to use the fire, the anvil, and the hammer. Is that any less magic than knowing how to turn back rust?"

"Can you do that?"

"Yes, but I find that the blacksmith is far better at it. You can not tame the ocean, can you?"

Oli blinked at this apparent change of subject. "Er. No."

"And making it water your fields would poison the land."

"Er. Yes?"

"Yet the works of nature take water from the oceans, purify it in the clouds, and bring rain to the fields. You do not control that, but you use it nonetheless."

Oli thought she got it. "I get it. We can't make the rain fall, but we use it when it does. Is that how magic works?"

"In a vague sense, yes. You can direct little portions of it to your will. Like a dam in a river or a cut channel."

"Or a screw to make water turn uphill."

Another enigmatic smile. "You'll find that the practice of that concept is harder than it seems. You can not make the screw. You have to be the screw. The effort might kill you. Best to allow a flow you can use."

Oli nodded. Water was a good concept for her to understand. "Are there places where magic is rare? Like... a desert?"

"Worse," said The Immortal. "There are places where the magic is so rich and so busy that you dare not use even the tiniest portion. It would crush you if you tried."

Oli's next lesson was about to begin. "How can more be bad?"

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I'm going to be far from home on Election Day, so Beloved is taking me to fill out my poll nice and early. I will be taking my time telling my governing body exactly where to stuff it.

At least this sort of nonse is down to once every four years. For all the good that will do. It just means one more year of stuffing around before we play the same ballet again.

I've looked up the most sensible parties and I can tell you that the main three are nowhere near that classification. Liberal, Labor, Nationals... they're all firkin gonzo. I say out with the Mates Rates system and in with some people who are at least aware of what's going on and what needs to happen to fix it.

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Challenge #01261-C166: Saving Mothman

"The woman soaked several lengths of rope in a solution of red wine and sugar. She strung the wine ropes from the trees in her garden and then, around midnight, she came to check on her unusual trap. Sure enough, Mothman was swinging gleefully from the wine ropes, drunk and squealing with joy." -- Anon Guest

Amberlaize Jones now owns and takes care of a colony of fifty 'mothmen', a former cryptid now known as the large, long-legged bat. They were fructivorous, and native to the area surrounding West Point, Virginia.

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Business is booming!


But I did sell a pair of commission earrings to Beloved for $15. Which will be mine come next payday.

The design is so nice that it might just enter my stock. It's something to consider, certainly. Check 'em out:

[Shown here: Triple-thread earrings with pink sparkly beads and pink hearts]

Apparently, I spend more time on Miss Chaos' hair than I do making bling 9_9 But hair is more complicated, Beloved. I am not crazy for spending time and effort on either.

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Challenge #01259-C164: Loss and Hope

1) Australia's Eurovision entry this year

2) Pick a random Eurovision song - pre-2010 -- Anon Guest

[AN: This takes the gap count down to 10. The two I used for inspiration are 1) and 2)]


She didn't understand what was happening. It had been something of a whirlwind and her processors were still trying to catch up. Spots of imagery burned themselves into her thoughts as she clung to the only portrait of Maman that she'd been able to keep for nearly one hundred years.

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I'm so stoked :D

Steam Powered Giraffe is up to their usual New Album Steamboat Shenanigans and posting a teaser video.


How could you not love a band that does this to for their fans?

I am an excited little Nutter as you might guess, and if I haven't already watched this a squidillion times, then I'm probably going to.

Hatchy's little voice hitch at "You can make mine obsolete" already has me by the heart strings. I can't help it. I'm in love with fictional robots and the very talented people who play them. I want them all -real or no- to prosper and achieve happiness.

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Challenge #01258-C163: Demonic Corruption

If you have encountered the Transcendence AU of gravity falls, please use it in today's challenge. (it's a great AU you'd love it and half of it was written long before it all came true in the show)

"The idiots that read mysterious cave writing/old books aloud as they go or while they translate and accidentally summon things coughAlcorcough by being just that monumentally dense. Or, small children who still read by carefully sounding out syllables getting into the collection of rare books and yeah you see where this is going." -- Gallifreya

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Well that didn't last long...

I can usually make $400 last a fortnight. Not this time. The kids needed winter gear, we needed to stock up on rice, and I had to keep a promise.

I now have maybe like $2. If something pops up, I'm going to have to dig into my Dreams account to pay for it. And I don't have much in there either.

But it's still worth it because I get a week with my friendo and some interesting times are bound to happen. Including how I'm going to fulfill the rest of my promises without breaking the bank.

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Challenge #01257-C162: Vital Skills

There are things we need to be able to do to cope or succeed in Life. How to light a fire, cook a meal. Pick a Life skill and how it works. -- KnitNan

Red alert roused Pel from unconsciousness, and, because it was an urgent alarm, she launched herself from her bunk and into her lifesuit before she had fully opened her eyes. It was a matter of course for a Spacer to be able to get into their emergency gear by feel and in a matter of seconds.

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Payday! Huzzah!

Good news - we can finally has moneys by tonight. Bad news - it won't last long.

It never does, not really. And I'm getting pretty damn good at stretching my supplies to last through those last few squeeze days. I just wish that I never had to worry about finances from one week to the next.

Ah well. I shall lay in things so that my family at least have noms for the week that I'm gone. As well as preparing supplies for the trip to Tullagawoopwoop. Well, I say family, but the little darlings are off to Nanna's within days of myself abandoning Beloved for a week off with a friend.

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Challenge #01256-C161: Blood in the Boards

Opera vampire

He tries very hard to be a baritone but he's a a countertenor (or possibly a contralto) -- Gallifreya

[AN: This is the guy referred to on the internet as "Gay Opera Dracula"]

Some appetites can not be ignored. Some can be... restrained. I learned that when a Master of Voices turned my best friend into a Castrati. That was a very, very long time ago.

I was turned into something else, myself. But that came later. A whisper in the night. A seduction dipped in fine perfume and coated pretty words. And two sharp teeth into my neck.

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Why do I hurt myself?

As you'd expect, Beloved and I played Factorio pretty much all damn day. It's deliciously distracting. As a direct result, it was already pretty late when we finally gave up on it to watch some TV.

Two episodes of Daredevil on Netflix.

And episodes of Daredevil are longer than one might expect.

So it was almost firkin midnight before we lurched off to bed. And well after midnight before I actually fell asleep.

I am paying the price today.


In other news, I have given up on trying to upload Shaturday videos on Firefox. The damn browser keeps crashing and frelling up my plans. Uploading anything to the online miasma definitely sucks when one has terrible internets all over the nation.

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Challenge #01255-C160: Leave Me Alone!

The Humble Villager that was just trying to stop random adventurers stealing all their stuff -- Gallifreya

It began with a lucky shot. Tur the Peasant had had enough of adventurers stealing her things, and hucked a rock at the armoured figure going through Tur's sacks of meagre belongings.

They must have been at 1HP, because they fell and discorporated, leaving their swag behind them.

Tur spent a moment, dumbstruck, looking at the loot. Then she swept it up. There was some actual Silvers in the loot and she knew she would have to protect herself. Starting with the Adventurer's old armour.

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These things are meant to try me

Would you believe I'm still trying to upload the second episode of Shaturday Specials? Yup. It's recorded. I have fourteen episodes in the bag... and a shitty internet connection making sure that absolutely nothing gets out.


I swear my second video has been stuck at three hours remaining for all the firkin night.


Anyway, while those go out at a trickle, I continue onwards in my efforts.

I have a second recording all ready for editing. I am going to figure out how to mute one section of video without splicing three clips together if it kills me.

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Challenge #01254-C159: Sworn to Love

Princess Marries Dragon to Knight -- Gallifreya

"Why, beast? Why must you plague my every waking day with your invasions to my fair land."

The dragon rumbled and stopped what it was doing with boulders. It seemed to... sag. "I'm... a plague?"

"Of course you're a plague! You burn the lands, you foul the water, and you steal the cattle of the hardworking peasants."

"Um," said the Princess Carillion. "That would be the warlords neighbours? I haven't observed this dragon doing very much at all."

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