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Challenge #01227-C132: No Way Out

:From a former loose cannon/maverick's inner monologue:

But they were in a position of authority now, and for some reason that meant they didn't get to have their way anymore. -- Recklessprudence

Blaize Hartley hadn't meant to become a hero. It just sort of happened that way. She leaped in where angels would fear to hear about and winged it from there. She had an extreme knack for getting herself both into and out of the most ridiculous of pickles.

Including a trip down a one-way wormhole remnant to a system of interconnected planetary systems that were isolated from the greater Galactic Alliance. They had a set of really interesting problems that Blaize just kind of barged through.

And since she had nowhere else to go for a Galactic decade, she had to stick around to sort out the mess. Songs were sung, stories were told, dramatisations were made.

And, not knowing exactly how it happened, Blaize Hartley wound up... in charge. She, who regularly thumbed her nose at Authority... had become one. There was no real warning. No way to prepare. She came back from another wild session of daring do to discover a mountain of paperwork to fill out.

And an administrative staff wanting her decisions.

She tried to delegate. Finding people who were really great at their jobs, and then politely requesting they do her job for her. But it never stuck. Every time she thought she had a window of opportunity for one more adventure, the staff found her, dragged her back to her office, and sat more paperwork in front of her.

The Authorities, she found out, were not fun people because they never got to have any.

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Fears Allaid!

I was worried that the gold wire I have would be too weak to support the usual wear and tear on earrings. As it turns out, even though it's scary thin and scary flexible, it's also scary strong. It's not going to bend, warp or mutilate those beads off of itself in a hurry.

I am going to have to warn my customers that the strands may bend easily, and give them instructions on how to fix that if they're bothered.

Turning my cut strands into pins isn't that hard, but it is very fiddly. I anticipate many a long hour swearing at little bits of wire.

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Challenge #01225-C130: Monster in my Room


2) Branching off the above prompt - Pick a fandom and set one character as the monster under the bed/in the wardrobe --Gallifreya


Every child gets a monster. An ancient contract, written in blood. Paid in teeth. They stay until the child is strong enough to care for themselves.

Some... never leave.

They are the monsters for the people who are particularly vulnerable. The people with one foot each in two worlds. The people who are open to specific influences. The people who sense slightly more than the average person on the street. The people with a little bit of magic inside them... but not enough to protect themselves from the things that would prey on them.

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My plans have, once again, gang aft agley. The bronze pins are too thick for some of my seed beads, so unless I want to slow down and find the wide-bore ones, I'm going to have to make my own from the wire I have. Turns out the holes are too small for any kind of pin.

Good news: I don't have to go trawling for findings again.
Bad news: A majority of my time, today, is going to be spent on hand-making pins from my beading wire.

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Challenge #01224-C129: Retrospective Introspective

Meanwhile, in the past... -- RecklessPrudence

Rael didn't need to subscribe to the On This Day info feed. He was surrounded by hobby historians who would gleefully inform him of any significant events as they met him. If he was lucky, they would only infodump the interesting bits.

People had work to get to, after all. And limited time meant that people only passed on the information that they deemed important. Which lead to a skewed view of history, and an equally skewed view of Terrans and Earth in general.

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So close...

I really want to be able to start making earrings on Monday. I have a plausible workspace set up. I just need to sort all my beads, findings, and whatnot before tomorrow.

If I can put in a minimum of two hours' work a day on designs, then that means stock in abundance. I know that if I put in too many hours at jewellery, my body pays for it.

I'm in the last stretch of bead sorting. Which means that I've gone through all the assorted beads sent to me by friends and relatives (thank you so much!) and I'm going through the last of my own collection of jewellery I purchased just for disassembly.

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Challenge #01223-C128: Known Behavioural Patterns

:[Name] thinks while hiding and sneaking with new-found allies from and around old enemies:

[Name] started a mental drinking game for the disgusted comments about how this was not running a search pattern, and the amount of things it couldn’t find, but gave up when they realized they’d mentally gotten alcohol poisoning. -- RecklessPrudence

This had to be the biggest collection of obligatory stupid guards and bad base planning since someone let a three-year-old play Fortress Defence Jr. Jain had already stopped cataloguing their rookie mistakes into a drinking game after she had mentally given herself alcohol poisoning.

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Beloved bought me Factorio!

So you know where the rest of my weekend is going. Lol.

But first, my usual nonse and a call to MeMum. Because family is important and all that.

And in the unlikely event that I get bored with Factorio (more likely to be waiting for my machines to accomplish a thing) I have beads to sort. Small beads. Which means that I finally busted out my Aldi's magnifying lamp. Huzzah.

Good stuff: No assembly required.

Bad stuff: I need the right dimension of alan key to stop the neck from wandering steadily downwards. It might be in the packaging, I haven't looked too hard, yet.

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Challenge #01222-C127: Phrases of Doom

Person #1: Do not worry! I will fix it...

Person #2: You know, [Name], there are certain phrases in our language - such as that one - that simply cannot imply a good outcome. Do you know what I mean?

Person #1: Wow! This really DOES bond skin instantly!

Person #2: Good example. -- RecklessPrudence

Certain phrases imply impending doom. Whenever someone says, "What else can go wrong?" the universe is likely to answer with a supremely painful example.

Whenever a human says, "Hey, watch this," or, "check this out," you know that something spectacular and painful is going to happen to either them or an innocent bystander.

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Intense, repetative, and thankless

All efforts to translate Adapting into Markup by automated means have failed abominably. Which means that I am left with copy-pasting text and then editing in the italics.

And when I've had enough of doing that, I go to my unsorted beads and frelling sort some of those shits out.

The lovely spouted bowl MeMum found for me is not that great with small, faceted beads. Those little shits tend to clump, so pouring large volumes of them into wee baggies is an exercise in extreme caution. Yes, I have a funnel that could help. No, I can't be arsed finding it.

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Challenge #01221-C126: Executive Decisions

I see you have complaints about out Giant Robot Spider help program, We apologies for any Inconvenience this may have caused you.

Do to your complaint the following actions have been taken: Giant Robot Spiders have been dispatched to your location.

We know you had a choice of Aid providers and we thank you for your continued support. -- RecklessPrudence

Say what you will about the robot rescue spiders, and many citizens frequently did, but they were extremely effective. They saved hundreds of lives. Spared many houses.

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Knuckle down, buckle down...

I'm doing my first edit on Adapting today. I might even convince myself to transfer the entire text into Markup, so that Beloved will have an easier time making it dance for me. The more work I do beforehand, the less time it takes for Beloved to have it ready for any beta readers.

I'm thinking of sending out a new appeal. I can rely on MeMum and a single Friendo, and if I am lucky and can get Beloved to get back to me with more than, "it's okay". I need more than that, though. More eyes make a better draft. A better draft is therefore more polished and better able to catch an agent's eye.

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Challenge #01220-C125: A Return Visit

He keeps coming back... -- Anon Guest

Arthur saw him two weeks after his initial visit. He calmly collected the mail and, once inside, said something about it. "Hey, Lewis. You remember that cam guy who broke in a while back?"

"Yeah, he was trying to communicate with a Deadbeat. Why?"

"He's lurking in the foliage and watching the house."

Lewis, in the middle of a complicated recipe, groaned to himself. "If he's still there in half an hour, invite him in for tea. And... tell Vivi I said 'don't beat him up'."

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Beads, glorious beads!

I've got loads of the fuckers, and I'm planning to get some more. Turns out the local post office has a jewellery stand with some interesting pieces I could definitely use. Alas, I have to wait for next payday.

So if I am still going there to collect parcels, I might grab me some nice looking beads to fluff out my already huge collection of interesting shiny things.

MeMum managed to secure a good two kilos or so from her own sources. Two kilos that had to be sorted by yours truly. It's an ideal task for someone suffering an insomnia hangover, as I was yesterday.

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Challenge #01219-C124: The Truth About Dragons -- Anon Guest

They say that dragons are terrifying beasts. They say that their appetites know no bounds. They say that they thrive on fear. They say that they hoard things just to keep them from mortal hands. They say a lot of things, really. Especially after they've had a few pints, down at the local pub.

Eve knew differently.

For starters, Dragons are more than fine with a sheep or a cow once a month. And can even be convinced to hunt mountain lions, crocodiles, and other predators that made life a little more risky for her fellow villagers..

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