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Challenge #01796-D335: Freedom of Choice

Humans' ability to fight on a microscopic level is widely known throughout the Galactic Alliance. They call it their “Immune System.” But it comes as a shock to their allies that the humans readily seek out microscopic organisms to strengthen their Immune Systems. Probiotics. Apparently de-activated viruses known to be deadly. -- Anon Guest

Humans are toxic. Their skin contains microbiota that many Havenworlders find to be deadly. Some of their allegedly harmless skin diseases have become the accidental ruin of worlds. Thus leading to the rule of: Never leave your livesuit until you're certain everyone is going to live.

We all know the story of the human who spat in a sterile environment and caused a mass disaster.

But what alarmed Galactics all over again was the Human process of Vaccination.

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Social stuff

There's a ceremony thing for Chaos' school closing whatsit, and that means that today's story might be delayed until the afternoon. Connecting to steemit is not an easy process and I prefer to do my Instants at home for just that reason.

Like... I can connect and do the thing in a mobile situation? But I'd rather not.

Apologies for that in advance. I probably won't even be able to work on my novel during the events. And worse - I have

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Challenge #01795-D334: From the Wikipedia Galactica

Humans have been in space for awhile. No-one’s keeping track of the “breeding program” but a new problem has been discovered: human offspring mid-way to maturity. The most dangerous humans of them all. -- Anon Guest

It seemed impossible. There was a stage in human development when the entire species had the maximum amount of physical condition and the minimum amount of foresight and discrimination. And worse, they were often thrust into adult classification whilst also at that stage.

Many species

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I have gifts to pln. A feast to pln. A house to prepare for the yule.

And all the usual nonse.

And this during the time of year that I'm least inclined to go out and spend money.

I have secured duck and prawns, but we can't feast off of just that. I need a few li'l extras. Veggies will have to wait until practically Christmas Eve. Drinks... I can stock those up.



Everyone in my family is hard to

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Challenge #01794-D333: An Argument Against Paradise

"So... so... from your grand cosmic point of view, my entire life, from the moment I was born till the day I die, is... is just a bit of idle entertainment? My very existence, in the eyes of the gods... is just a... a bad joke?!"

"Well... actually - though I must note that's a terribly selfish and negative way to phrase things; it makes us all look quite callous and nasty, a rather rude thing on your part, you know -

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Planning for fun

I have been writing some funny fucking stuff, but it's not ready for publication, yet. I have some scenes of chaos to do.

And probably a lot more chaos, yet.

I'm having huge amounts of fun. Listening to the Adventure Zone and powering through the ad breaks so I can listen to more Adventure zone and get inspiration points for the five fucking stories I have going with NO END IN SIGHT...

Yeah, I fell of the self-limit wagon again. Stop looking

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Challenge #01793-D332: Hello, Goodbye...

“When in doubt, push buttons. Eventually something will happen.”

Noo! Don’t!” -- TheDragonsFlame

"Rabbit," said The Spine severely, gripping his sister's wrist and preventing her from interacting with the console. "Pressing random buttons is how we got into this mess in the first place."

"Well s-ss-something's g-gotta get us back to K-k-k-Kazooland."

"Uhm," said Hatchworth. "We have... com-pa-ny."

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Definitely holiday mode

I had a lazy morning that started at half-past two in the morning. And though I published a couple of fanficcery chapters, I still got in some snoozing.

And since I plan to take Mayhem to the post office to apply for a Tax File Number, I should get going real soon now.

So yeah. Once again, late fiction. But there's more on the shiny elf stories over on AO3.


I may be gone for some time.

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Challenge #01792-D331: No Werewolves on the Moon

... here’s a question: If werewolves become... wolves... under the full moon, what would happen if you put one ON the moon? (Assuming compatible life support) -- TheDragonsFlame

Welcome to Tsiolkovski crater. No lycanthropes need apply. The second sentence had been added by a graffiti artist of no repute and was faded in the unrelenting sunlight. Lupe bunny-hopped past it on the way to the colony.

If this was what passed for jokes in this space-town...

She found the nearest airlock easily

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The second-last Friday of the school year. Mayhem has his traineeship, and Chaos has one more week of a schedule before it all gets disorganised.

Mayhem can beg off going to Coominya, this year. He has work to get to every week. And I don't even know if Capt. S wants company this year.

I've just now shared a whole bunch of my fanfic links with Tumblr so nobody misses out on the pain joy I have to share.

And I've included

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Challenge #01791-D330: Reserved Seating

Exorcist/Psychic: “Oh spirit that dwells in this place, why have you not moved on?” … He says that he wants you to keep him updated on [TV show] since he died before it ended.” -- TheDragonsFlame

It was a nice little house. Cosy without being cramped. Light and airy without being exposed and drafty. It was, in essence, the last place anyone would expect to be haunted. And yet it was.

The living room was always rearranged on Tuesday nights, with the

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I may have entered Holiday Mode. In which I space out for longer than usual and take a relaxed attitude towards everything I do. Everything still gets done, no mistake.

It's just that it's way more spaced out than usual.

Who knew I was attuned to the school schedule this hard?

It's nearly seven and I haven't done shit for getting my work done. Mayhem has a Webinar tonight and a job tomorrow. It's going to be fun keeping track of those.

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Challenge #01790-D329: We Know It Ain't Friendly

Biologically aquatic-capable aliens are stunned that we haven’t explored the deepest parts of our oceans, so they volunteer to go down and see what’s going on down there. And as per deathworld standards, what’s down there’s terrifying—even to us. -- TheDragonsFlame

"You really don't want to do that," the humans insisted. "We've been down there a few times, and that was plenty for us."

The Trraka, a race of highly intelligent cephalopods, scoffed at this. It was

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Mayhem is done with school. Chaos is not. Mayhem still has the traineeship going on.

This is going to be fun.

I still have to be organised enough to get one little darling ready to take on the day whilst simultaneously getting the other little darling to do some minimums around the house.

All whilst also doing my day job, doing the yule shopping, organising the yule feast, and otherwise having some fun now.

I have already ordered the duck. I need

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Challenge #01789-D328: Integration Contemplation

A pair/group of Numidids discuss their thoughts/opinions/views on humans when there are no humans around. -- TheDragonsFlame

They were at the uppermost branches of a sky-raker tree that overlooked the human settlement of Wiwazheer. The first Terran city to share a planet with Havenworlders. Of course, when they built it, they had no idea. Neither the Humans nor the Numidid had any idea that they had started colonising opposite ends of the planet simultaneously.

"They are loud," said a

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