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Procrasti... nation

I admit. I'm a dawdler. I found a nice source... several nice sources... of sealing wax... online and ready to ship to my location. I'm debating whether or not it's a good idea because they're upwards of $6 per stick. More if they include sealing paraphernalia.

Artisinal stuff is a niche business. Sealing wax is for historian nerds, steampunks, and bridal supplies... because old timey aesthetic equals romance.

It's cheaper and easier to use domestic candles. I at least have those. And, if I go to the right shops, I can get them in seasonal colours, too. If I really want to go all out, I could plausibly expend 15-20 dollars on one of those artsy Make Your Own Candle kits for some Real Beeswax to use.

But let's face it. By the time it gets to the recipient? They probably won't care. The wax is just a very small part of the complete package. I shouldn't fuss.

Then there's the whole "care and attention to detail" business. When you make a gift for people, you're supposed to fuss over the details.


I'll probably resolve this by discussion with Beloved.

And as for my morning walk? I still have yet to be attacked by the local flying saurians.

Challenge #01037-B305: Slow Acceptance

Monsters making their first steps (and missteps) on the surface -- Gallifreya

[AN: Potential spoilers for the True Ending of the game ahoy.]

The Great Papyrus strode masterfully towards the humans. Just down the path, he could see an absolute host of humans having picnics in a park.

The perfect venue for a Welcome Out party! They must have known!

He burst from relative concealment and threw his hands up high. "Good news, Humans! The Underground is now able to come and join you in your party!"

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Attempting to start new, good habits

Good morning, dear readers. Today, I'm trying to get healthy on the slow and steady path. I'm overweight and I know it. 99 kilos is more than a few too many.

The Bullshit Medical Indicator reckons I should be at 63-69 kilograms. And we all know how I feel about BMI. It's a predatory tactic used by the weight loss industry to spread eating disorders and call it "healthy".

The last time I was anywhere near weighing sixty kilos was when I was fourteen. And I was an underweight teenager. Hell, for a majority of my high school years, I weighed eighty kilos and regularly hauled around a ten kilo backpack.

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Challenge #01036-B304: After the Game is Over


Human Kid and life with the Skelebros. -- Gallifreya

[AN: I am endeavouring to keep my post-play Papyton shipping entirely to myself. Also kind'a headcannoning that Frisk is a voluntary mute]

Papyrus was so trusting. He just charged in ahead where more sensible monsters would fear to tread. Toriel and Frisk caught up with him in the middle of... well... a Scene.

Picnickers at the foot of Mount Ebott were screaming. Children cowered by their parents. Someone, soon, would level a weapon at Papyrus.

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By crikey, it's hot

Mayhem is powering through the sports drink that I honestly thought would last him the better part of two weeks. More fool me. Chaos has imbibed every last juice box we had.

Mayhem needs the drink he has because it's one of the few things that keep his stomach settled in the heat.

And it's a sticky, humid heat this morning that promises melting delights for all the people who never wanted to melt in the first place.

I'm already getting sweaty. And not in the fun way.

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Challenge #01035-B303: One Dull Afternoon at a Public Crossroads

Fiat lux!

Which is Latin for "my small Italian car is on fire!" (I can't remember what this quote is from) -- Gallifreya

[AN: For those who are not at all familiar with Latin, it actually means "Let there be light"]

Rael couldn't loom from underneath someone like Lyr could. But he could sneak up on Shayde as she added to a graffiti wall and conspire to look annoyed.

She had written, in relatively large, friendly letters, Fiat lux! And underneath, in smaller print, she was carefully completing the words, (A small Italian car is on fire).

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Good news, everyone!

The cat is free of the Cone of Shame! Kaloo, kalay, etc.

She still has to stay indoors for another fortnight, just to be certain that she's healed. And we have to apply eye drops.

Better news - we can use human eye drops with no harm to the cat.

Fantastic news - we managed to get all the supplies we need for less than $50. And by "less than", I mean that I got pocket change back.

The Golden Circle Factory Outlet is a firkin godsend. It's amazing. You can get shit by the crate, there. And it's cheaper than getting individual lots. We got some sports drink for Mayhem [excellent for hot days when frozen overnight] some chicken stock for a dollar a litre, and a bag of vermicelli noodles for slightly less than $25.

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Challenge #01034-B302: Pupup

A human is raised by aliens, and it turns out a lot of things humans like that weird out the rest of the galaxy are innate. For example the love of explosions, climbing and/or jumping off tall things, interacting with potentially hazardous wildlife, and chucking rocks into water. -- Gallifreya

They had found the survival pod some distance from the crash. And inside, a human. It was unmistakably a human. No other species had that almost complete lack of fur. Nor the robustness to survive multiple impacts against the rocky ground, even protected by padding and harnesses.

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How to wash a cat's face and other random problems

It's 6:30AM, the temperature in my office is already a balmy 27.5 degrees [82 old school] and Mayhem is not doing so great.

There was upchuck, last night. Which Mayhem thoughtfully allowed to dry. And owing to a scheduling problem, Beloved was not available to help me swab all the scabs off of the cat's eye.

Chaos is being her usual sweet self and doing her star-quality Lump Impersonation instead of looking after herself. I've actually had to tell her that nobody can help her this morning to shift her out of Neutral.

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Challenge #01033-B301: Attitude Problem

Attempts to defend against the accusation of you having a "bad attitude" will only confirm that you have a bad attitude. -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Didn't notice I wasn't logged in until too late. Whoops. You get one of the newer prompts, today.]

"I'm curious," said Sara. Calmly, rationally. Speaking like an adult to an adult. "What exactly constitutes a bad attitude? I've tried other, non-violent means to avoid, reduce, and eliminate myself being bullied. Including numerous reports against the offenders."

"We have no real evidence."

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Despite the combined best efforts of both medicine and myself - Mayhem is still throwing up. We can't nail down the cause and sending him to school is counterproductive.

They don't like him being there if he's upchucking.

Meanwhile, he and I will be working on other causes. Starting with the state of his pig sty room. I'm willing to bet there's at least a cubic meter of assorted rubbish and filthy plates or glasses in there. Getting rid of the nasties may help keep his stomach contents on the inside.

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Challenge #01032-B300: Cursed Blessing

"Maybe we all have little magics, the kind that you don’t realize you have. Just tiny things that make your life slightly better but are completely unnoticed on the outside." -- Anon Guest

They call it the Quirk. It's nothing big. Sometimes, people notice. Sometimes, it remains ignored by all but that special someone who loves everything about you.

And it's only recently that it's become common knowledge. My co-worker at the Bargain Barn? Freaking hated having to make coffee. They despised coffee to the point of wanting it out of reality altogether, but they made the best brew ever.

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Two more days!

Two more days until payday. Two more days until the cat goes back to the vet for a (hopefully) more optimistic diagnosis. I think her eyelid is healing at a glacial pace and she might not need further surgery.

And the Cone of Shame is really a pain in the butt for her, and us. And the medicine for her eye always runs our too firkin early.

I have, however, realised that I don't need to take the cat to the vet on the same run that gets the kids to where they need to be. And I'm going to put some towelling between her face and the bars so that she doesn't mess herself up like last time.

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Challenge #01031-B299: I Love in Spite of You

Someone who is a good person, who does nothing but good deeds out of spite. They hate someone, something so much that they go down in history as a saint. -- SeaDragon1012

Peleramus inherited a little less than an acre from his father, and despised him for it. A little less than an acre meant that he had to pay taxes on it, but could not live on it. His father had hated him, too, because there was nowhere 'worth' living in for miles around.

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Balance and writing

I do a lot of stories off the cuff. One thousand and thirty, before I get started on today's. Some, like We're Mostly Harmless, I Swear, wind up becoming the cornerstones for novels.

But I'm never lazy about it.

I could have easily copy/pasted my Instants about Amity into the novel-that-is and few would have been the wiser.

I'm not like that. I can't let myself do that. It's a form of cheating and - at least in my humble opinion - it prompts the reader to skip over vast passages of content until they get to something 'worth' reading.

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