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Challenge #01515-D054: A Good Host's Reward

Pick a second! -- Gallifreya

There's one advantage to being an early riser. Usually, it's watching some kick-ass dawns as they happen. Today, it was meeting Brutus. He's what most people call a gargoyle. I'd go into the difference between the real gargoyles, which are decorative stone waterspouts, and what people call 'gargoyles' but are actually called grotesques. Those are decorative stone building features with no inherent function.

But I wouldn't call Brutus 'grotesque'. He's kind'a pretty. Even with his stone skin on. But I'm getting ahead of myself. It all started in the pre-dawn twilight. I was doing some elementary yard work, basically picking out the weeds that didn't look right from my rock garden. It's Utah. I don't believe in spending a fortune on a lawn I have no use for. Then something big glides into my field of view.

At first, I thought I might be one of the few who saw a Mothman, but this was no Mothman. For a start, Mothman has these big, red eyes and no discernable head. This looked more like a very buff human with huge bat wings. And a tail. I can tell you from personal experience that biological gargoyles are very impressive up close. And very formal.

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::Yakety Sax at 10rpm::

There's a party to go to in scenic Coominya tonight. There's cleaners coming today. I have to shop for nice clothes [I've shrunk and the kids have grown] and help clean the house.

Somehow, I have to fit in my Instant, my novel (1000 words on Fridays!) and a doodle to up my leet art skillz sometime this afternoon.

Update: I got an email from the cleaners saying they can't come and clean. FUN.

On the plus side, I have the free

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Challenge #01514-D053: One Miserable Evening in a Dragon's Lair

Pick one! -- Gallifreya

Of all the experiences in the multiverse, there's nothing like sprawling across the head of a friendly dragon. Alas, since this dragon was fighting a bout of the 'flu, it meant that Sam was doing the sprawling in a budgie-smuggler, and kept one hand on the fire extinguisher.

Dragons sneeze fire. And even though Bloodflight was comfy in his cave, there was still the risk of setting a few things on fire.

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Smooth mornings!

Hooray, I have life figured out enough that the mornings move like a well-oiled machine. Now, if only I could do the same thing for myself.

Alone, I clog up with fascinating things until a half-hour task takes most of the firkin day. And then I complain about having zero time to fart around and play games.

Sometimes, I am a complete dummins.

But I have learned a few things from some of it. Including a new word that I plan to

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Challenge #01513-D052: A Lucky Escape From Grebnak 5

"Is that going to blow up?"

"Well, I mean, only if i mess up, " -- OohLookShiny

"Hwell," sighed Ax'and'l, "put the concoction down."

"Relax, I know what I'm doing."

"I will not relax, I have fifteen near-death encounters as evidence in my favour." Ax'and'l considered those past incidents, "Including seven where you said you knew what you were doing."

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Some terrifying things I learned

Thanks to my friend, RecklessPrudence, I've learned that, though autism is older than we think it is, how autistes were treated hasn't really changed so much.

An autistic child before the true rise of the Industrial age would be called a "Changeling". And, despite the entire "be kind to the fae" mind-set, a Changeling child would be horrendously mistreated until the Fae gave the 'proper' child back.

This included beatings, being held to hot items, and tying them to a chair and

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Challenge #01512-D051: Fascinating...

For the "Humans are space orcs": Aliens can only focus on one thing at a time. They're far more efficient because they hyperfocus and complete any task in a far shorter amount of time. So humans penchant of talking/humming/listening to music while working is both distracting and baffling. -- Anon Guest

Half the crew were watching the ship's human in their segregated kitchen. Terran music blared at maximum allowed volume, and the human sang slightly louder. Inside the quarantine zone,

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Exercising again

We went on the first walk for a fortnight, and I was just about wiped out from a walk around the block. I'm gonna regret the sprint session this afternoon.

But at least we have some stew in the slow cooker, so I don't need to fret about food.

Still no rejection letter, just yet. And I have a fluttering underneath my sternum and panic-related asthma. Hooray. Anxiety firkin sucks!

So I took a Seretide this morning to try and live normally,

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Challenge #01511-D050: This House is Not Haunted "I just turned to my housemate and said, “y’know, we’d never know if we were haunted” because we have four cats between us, so every clunk, bump, and crash gets entirely ignored and now I want a movie about a ghost becoming increasingly desperate to haunt a family but they have cats and so the poor dear goes completely ignored" -- Gallifreya

I was, once.

Nothing more than that. Simply that I was, once.

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We went to the movies, yesterday. And picked up a whole lot of sugar-free lollies. And made the mistake of eating huge amounts of them.

Commercially-available artificial sweeteners are usually the kind that have the side-effect of loosening your stool.

You can guess that some of us had a very interesting night.

Mayhem is going to have a very interesting day, too, because I just discovered some outright fraud on his behalf. I had told him to fold and sort, and it

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Challenge #01510-D049: One Dark Night in a Disreputable Alley

"If you get arrested, I don't know you."

"Love you too," -- OohLookShiny

Sam had to remind herself to keep watching the street. "No you don't," she said. "There's no non-vocal indicators in your general behaviour, and you have a complete lack of interest in anything I say that's not crime-scene related."

Behind her, at the distance of plausible deniability, Frank kept twiddling with the lock. "It's metaphorical love, Sanguine."

"So... a lie." Sam checked the other way without making it look

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So much for that

We didn't get to exercise, yesterday. I'm going to have to badger Beloved to go for a walk come Monday. No excuses, no BS. We both have to get back on track.

The good news is that I'm still losing weight. Just... a lot slower and a lot more randomly.

The bad news is that I am still asthmatic. I needed to use Max, this morning, for a saline dose. My lungs were a little clogged, and it hurt to breathe in.

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Challenge #01509-D048: The Fundraising Franger

This is an Aussie thing, you go to vote locally, and outside will be a barbecue set up selling snags (sausages), wrapped round with a slice of bread, onions and sauce, plus soft drinks. Fundraisers for good causes. No politics, just, "tomato or barbecue, Mate?" Those of us who are on diets or vegans usually donate the price of a 'snag'. -- Anon Guest

First, they came for the cake stall, and Valerie didn't speak up because cake was a sometimes food,

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I've hired new cleaners to help out with keeping the house in good nick. Yay me. And while I was working with them, the discussion meandered into diet and who's eating what. Which was an excellent opportunity to glance on LCHF and Keto.

And I also showed them Overdrive by Steam Powered Giraffe. Because they're awesome.

Turns out we're all nerds, so we can gas about our favourite nerdy stuff whilst also setting the house to order. Bonus.

And on top of

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Challenge #01508-D047: The Nature of Hell

"Due to a loophole in the system, people can escape hell and get to heaven after death. You go to hell and all you see is Satan, just sitting there playing the harmonica. Everyone left him and now he’s all alone." -- Gallifreya

Jean Paul Sartre said that hell is other people. He could not be more wrong. Though other people have their disadvantages, the true hell is loneliness. Hell was made to be vast,

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