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Democracy Franger

There's elections happening in our neck of the woods, and Beloved and I are about to stick our opinions onto pieces of paper.

Notes for confused Americans:

  • Voting is mandatory in Australia
  • You actually get fined for not voting
  • You are actually allowed to not vote for anyone [draw a dick on the ballot, pen a witty limerick across the sheet, whatever] but you still have to turn up and do it
  • Democracy comes with an optional fried snag in a slice of bread
  • It also happens on weekends and goes all firkin day so that everyone has a chance to vote

This is how democracy works in countries that aren't afraid of the populace's majority opinion.

We don't allow voter suppression like the States do. And I'm pretty sure our gerrymandering has rules about what makes a district.

So I'm going out to have a patriotic sausage and maybe doodling a vag on my ballot because representation matters. It depends on what parties we have to bollox the country up for us.

Challenge #01785-D323: The Worst of the Worst

aliens learn about the dangers of human psychopaths and other mentally ill humans -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny, the mentally ill are way more likely to be victims of the psychopaths. See: mental hospitals vs the GOP]

Humans are apex predators. Most humans are willing to forget this. A rare few... aren't. A rarer few actively pursue that particular role.

Little can be done for them, save for steering them into roles where predation and exploitation are valued, such as war zones

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Broken trust. Again

Once again, I put my trust in my family and once again I got stabbed in the fucking back.

I trusted my son to put the fresh groceries away. He left them out to go fucking rotten.

I trusted my Beloved to help me out. They denied me to my face. Even when I said it was important.

So yeah. I'm salty as fuck today.

I need hugs and love, but I can't trust anyone to see to that.

Fuck today.

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Challenge #01784-D322: Worrying Encounters

"But, there wasn't any psionic signal from this direction !"

What if Human are the only known sentient species who can't interact with some signal, like in the Wake comics ? How the first contact could look like ? (in the Wake comics, psionics signal are used as a mean of communication, something like telepathies. And human are "immune" to it. Meaning that we're just invisible to their system.) -- Anon Guest

Everyone knows now that Humans are 'space orcs'. They also know that Humans

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Interesting Development

Today is Mayhem's last day of school. Unless he hasn't finished his assignments and assessments. In which case, he's going back for what they call Summer School.

I really hope he's done with everything, though. It would be nice to not have to ride his arse for a change.

And it will be nice to not have to fret about half my little darlings for a bit.

And I have a Yule Feast to plan. I know I want to do Roast

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Challenge #01782-D321: Touching Base

Human Chat System. A system allowing humans to chat between themselves. You can find anything on it : Forum about beautiful location in space, information on xenos food, latest news of the Human Colonies and Prima Terra, and more importantly, a place to discuss this "Space Orcs" thing. -- Anon Guest

Username: twitchywitchygrl

Password: #########

Welcome to Human Chat! Please wait while we locate your nearest, most active chatroom.

:: Connect2 FarFromHome

Connecting to FarFromHome. Searching for active chatrooms.

FarFromHome 12 connected.

twitchywitchygrl: Hey guys.

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Best Laid Plans Gone Agley

The nice lady who usually comes and gets my arse in gear with the cleaning has Lurgi and won't be around. Which means I have to get my arse in gear without her.

Not fun.

I have to find some nice yarn for MeMum when the local Big W doesn't stock her brand any more. And I'll be doing tech support this weekend. Perhaps with a family visit on the side.

The ginger garlic chicken soup frelling works to keep the Lurgi

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Challenge #01781-D320: Ambush Predators

Rushing up and down the FIFA carpark, the Doctor got increasingly frustrated. "She's BLUE!!! Not orange, but blue!" -- Fliss

The parking lot was almost lined with orange booths. Because this was an arena of high spirits, cheap alcohol, and impatient bladders. One would think, with paired booths every ten meters, that one blue one would be easy to spot, but such was not the case.

Holly said, "You don't even remember which parking lot you left her in?"

The Doctor stopped

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Some Fun Now

I finished one epic and posted it. Yay.

I started posting another epic as a series before I'm anywhere near done. Yay... ish?

And now I'm working on a one-shot that's a companion to a different one-shot I made earlier. And might even be done soon. If I can convince myself to stay away from the other firkin epics.

Of course, working on them ensures that they get finished... and I might whittle down to one epic in the fullness of time.

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Challenge #01780-D319: Comfort Totem

Teddy bears are well- and widely-loved children’s toys… despite the fact that they’re modeled after 600lb/272kg beasts that could easily kill you if they so chose to. Seems reasonable. -- TheDragonsFlame

Somewhere on the Edge Territories, before Humanity was reclassified as merely insane...

"And that artefact?" said the Saurian trader, gesturing at the thing under the mammal's arm.

"Not for sale," said the creature. "That's -uh- a comfort item. It's called a 'teddy bear'. It's mine and I'm keeping

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Here we go again

Another week of procrastination convincing myself to do that thing that scares me. I only have one thing left, and that's continuing on with the agent hunt.

I have to work through all of them before I can demand my money back.

And I don't get there if I don't try.

I have a scratchy throat, this morning. Which means that I might just be catching a Lurgi. Fun. Not looking forward to feeling horrible and drinking my own weight in ginger

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Challenge #01779-D318: Pack Bonding in all the Wrong Places

Despite the fact that the Numidids are… well, fictional, I have quite a fondness for the little guys. It’s funny how our ‘pack-bonding instinct’ can go pretty much anywhere. -- TheDragonsFlame

There was a shrine set up in the Avenue of Remembrance. For a fictional character. Fanart adorned it, and no two agreed on what the character looked like. The little altar also spilled over with flowers, soft toys, and votary candles. Someone hung a banner that read, Always an asshole.

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Lazy Day!

I am going to write today's Instant and then vanish into doing nothing until I either finish a fic or fall asleep.

Beloved will be back on Keto today after a weekend of breaking it good and hard. And to be honest, the instant I'm done with the story, I'm back in there to check on them.

We've had a lot of carbs, yesterday. There might be some trouble from the diabetes as a result. In fact. I'll just check now.


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Challenge #01778-D317: Just Like the Force

Duct tape. Undoubtedly one of humanity’s most useful and versatile inventions. -- TheDragonsFlame

Humanities' inventions preceded humanity throughout the Galactic Alliance. All the useful things go ahead of a species. Especially when that species is the most flakk-off-dangerous band of Deathworlders that the Alliance has ever seen. The humans. And for all that they are dangerous and deadly, the things that come from their disparate societies are amazing.

Bubblegum. Cats. Dogs. Paperclips. Swiss Army Knives. And most useful of all... Ductape.

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Happy Birthday, my Beloved

For all my plans to do nothing, there's another day of something. Yes, dear readers, my Best Beloved has taken another free trip around the sun and we're celebrating with carb-loaded treats.

Because birthday.

I have also had zero time and energy to devote to the subtle art of present-getting, so. Part of today will possibly be spent out shopping.

I had to help the kids get my presents. Beloved should do the same.

But since it's a lazy day, it's already

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