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Challenge #01201-C106: It'll Be All Right on the Night

The issues of having a head that is not technically attached to one's body -- Gallifreya

Walter Workers were scrambling around like mad things. Lots of boxes were being searched. And Hatchworth was stumbling around without his head.

"This always happens, every time we t-travel by freight!" Rabbit complained. She wasn't so much helping as contributing to the overall mess by throwing the rejects over her shoulder.

"Shut up, it was cheaper." Steve was rapidly working on his phone like he wished he could smash it into a million pieces. "Stay cool, okay? I'm trying to track where it went."

The Spine, busily sorting Rabbit's rejections as fast as she could throw them, muttered, "Don't you make me slap him, come the concert. He's clearly been through enough."

"Well don't slip a cog and go into Japanese mode, then." Tap tap tap tap tap tap "FUCK!"

One of the Walter Workers stopped in her tracks. "Bad news?"

"Is there any other k-kind?" smirked Rabbit.

"Uh," said Steve. "How do you feel about Hatchworth... performing without his head."

The other two robots looked at each other.

"We c-could do it," said Rabbit. "It'd c-c-cut down on a lot of our b-banter."

"Can't talk about life on the range," said The Spine. "I can't hang Hatchy if he doesn't have a head."

"Lotsa gag p-potential. Could say he's g-gotta snuggle-buddy?"

"How's that, Rabbit?"

"He's obviously lost his head over s-s-somebody."

Even without his head, Hatchworth managed to glare at his clockwork sibling.

Rabbit opened the next box. "Why's this one full'a books?"

There was a distant scream from the merchant's room.

"Found it," chorused the robots.

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I've learned some things

In my forays towards having my own business, I've learned a few things. And in my forays towards actually losing some weight again, I've learned a few other things.

First: The exercise part of the activity app on the Apple iWatch is a piece of ableist shit.

Why? Well because it only counts exercise as something above a brisk walk. This automatically excludes the elderly and the chronically ill. Thanks a bunch, guys. I'm now resigned to having that green circle in your friendly target diagram to be forever blank.

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Challenge #01199-C104: Statuesque

1) The statues that come to life

2) Pick another statue, ideally in a different country -- Gallifreya

[AN: This takes the overlap down to 15]


Everyone had agreed that it was the right wings' turn. Well. Everyone in power agreed that it was the right wings' turn. Nobody had listened to the common throng since the last revolution. And since then, those in power had successfully made certain that they would remain in power with a well-paid, well-armed, private militia.

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What a week

Today's a relatively quiet day. In that I get to spend a majority of it at home and writing.

BUT, I'm also taking the family to get stuck in the arm this afternoon.

Not something to look forward too, really, but it's something that must be done.

On the scrattle news, thirteen of my nineteen separate parcels are on their way from Asia to me. I should be able to track them, come next week. Alas, since it is free postage, I have to wait a month or more for my shiny things.

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Challenge #01198-C103: Pax Haptis

There was more added to the petting post from earlier

“we were going to blow them up, but they engaged in an oddly pleasing patting ritual and, well, it was nice.” -- Gallifreya

They had charged into a human nest that had already been abandoned. Some fired at stationary vehicles. Some fired at mannequins. Some fired because they feared for their lives. But when nothing fired back, the troup took their fingers off their triggers and looked around.

Somehow, the humans had detected them coming and left the area.

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Round Round, Run Around...

I haven't had much time for my usual slack-a-thon, lately. My activities on Tuesday consisted of (a) writing and (b) finally purchasing the scrattle necessary to build up a stock for EGDB. The process for which included some last-instant additions and two hours of Beloved not getting back to me about the sureness of the expense.

Beloved forgot, once again, that I am very nervous about spending three figures on myself. Especially when it's something that can backfire so very spectacularly like this proto business venture of mine.

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Challenge #01197-C102: The Eternal Soldier -- Gallifreya

He should have been 4F because he was 'allergic to sunlight' on his forms. But he told them that if he coated his exposed skin in zinc oxide, and wore sunglasses, he could deal. They gave him gloves to wear. And the fellows in the 40th Foot called him Warpaint. The enemy came to know him as The Ghost, owing to the fact that most of his sunscreen was white-only.

He could pass for twenty. And there was plenty of blood in war. At night, in the trenches, he could nip off to the lavvy and then fly out to the enemy. Take his fill there and wait for news of a mystery illness that was sweeping the Jerries' trenches.

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The ball is rolling...

Perilously close to $200AUS worth of findings and assorted shiny things have now been purchased, and according to my inbox, they're coming in 19 separate orders.

I'm not kidding. Check this shit out:
[There's one more that didn't fit on my screen]

So between five business days and nine business days, all of the assorted crap I've purchased will be winging its way from factories in China all the way to my sunny shores.

Which will give me plenty of time to discover about earring cards and how to get them done up and if I want to do them for myself. Also, plenty of time to go have a real good look at that magnifying lamp they're selling for $60 at Aldi's.

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Challenge #01196-C101: I'll Tell You a Tale

Wander Over Yonder, anything inspired by the latest episode - "The Legend" (latest at time of prompting anyway) -- Gallifreya

"...and the second-cousin twice removed is none other than his very own faithful steed!"

"Nuh-uh," said Angela.

"Stop interrupting," said Melodie. "You're ruining my storytelling."

"...gettin' it wrong," murmured Angela.

Melodie vented a growl of frustration. "Seriously? Of course I have everything right. I worked it out."

"'S wrong," insisted Angela.

"Mo-o-o-o-o-o-om! Angela won't let me tell her a story!"

Their mother vented a very similar grown of frustration. "Then let Angela tell a story. Yours go on for way too long, anyway. And for the record, everybody is not actually related to everybody else."

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Moving right along

I did a little composing in Garageband, and I learned a few things. If I want to make a new tune, I have to record it and then tweak it in the piano roll later.

Beloved also told me how to import instruments. Possibly again. I have a shocking memory.

But there is now a loop-able jingle for my eventual e-store that uses the note progression E, G, D, B as a cheerful background to two other loops from Garageband. And since Chaos helped me with the bass line and Beloved added the fade-outs, I have to go mess with the metadata to credit all of us.

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Challenge #01195-C100: Revenge on Holiday

Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution is having a 'Human Day off' sort of. what happens next? -- KnitNan.

She was discovering many things. First among them was that Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain were to be enjoyed separately. Second was that Pina Coladas weren't all that enjoyable for deities. Third... the world loved a generous tipper.

But without her working on her job, there was an interesting change in humanity.

She watched, idly sipping something rainbow-coloured and highly alcoholic. The man at the table was the sort of bootstrap-believing idiot who wrote "get a real job" in the tip section of his bill. But tonight...

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Getting committed

No, the men in the nice white shirts with the interesting coat for me to wear have not turned up to take me away. I made myself sit down and actually line up the things I am going to get for my blossoming jewellery shop.

Yes, dear readers, Every Girl Deserves Beautiful is going to become a thing!

My primary focus will be pride earrings1, but I can also do steampunky charm earrings or just intricate shiny things that are not the plain old boring buttons you see everywhere that alleges to cater to the non-pierced set.

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Challenge #01194-C099: Close Encounter of the Petting Kind -- Gallifreya

The problem was that there were humans on this planet, too. The bigger problem was that there were more of them than there were charges in Braxxyx's stunner.

The only plus side was that the humans didn't know this. Or that the stunner was non-lethal. Humans were dangerous to begin with. They were aggressive if they thought you were deadly.

Do not shoot at humans, they are dangerous when offended.

Braxxyx pointed her stunner at any human who got too close. They kept displaying their phalanges at her. Their songs were not something she could understand, but it might have been an attempt to soothe.

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Passing for normal

My health is back up to baseline. Yay. I can finally stop procrastinating on the things I really should have done days ago.

For instance, I booked my little darlings and I an appointment to get stuck in the arm with a sharp stick. And since it's vaccinate or die when it comes to the flu shots, for me, I choose vaccinate.

Please vaccinate yourself, your little darlings, and push everyone you know to get jabs. It helps protect people like me who literally can't afford to catch whatever's going around, as well as people who are not strong enough to get jabs, like babies, imuno-compromised folks, pregnant people, and anyone else I might be forgetting.

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Challenge #01193-C098: Never Hurts to Help -- Gallifreya

Sylvia had, once again, made the mistake of looking away from Wander for more than five consecutive seconds. Which meant that he was now missing without a trace.

How had that fuzzy orange weirdo survived before she'd met him?

Meanwhile, Wander was making friends. It didn't matter that they were mean-looking, or in a rough-around-the-edges neighbourhood. All that mattered was that strangers were friends that he'd not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

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