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Challenge #01628-D167: Honey Trap

When stepping into a Gods domain, enter as the supplicant or as something greater than a God. Never as a conqueror, Gods take a deep and personal delight in casting down challenges to their authority. -- RecklessPrudence

We apologise for the inconvenience, said the words in her head. We must quarantine you from reality as you know it.

After ten years of bouncing from reality to reality, the being who called herself Shayde had to wonder what these superior powers were up to. She opened her eyes and saw white. White fog on white ground against white architecture and blazing white skies. She squinted against the glare.

Shayde placed her palm on the white ground and tried to push herself up. It looked like cotton wool, but it felt... sticky. And weirdly warm. And unpleasantly moist. Some of it was soaking through her clothing. It was a struggle to sit up, and when she did, for a brief fraction of a second, the moisture on her clothing looked like a red so dark it could almost be black. But then she blinked and more white invaded her vision. It looked like white paint. But there was something wrong about it.

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Whoopsy again

I didn't do a gosh-darn thing towards my goals, yesterday. I had an enormous nap after I finished my writing. And a bout of intestinal disaster or two.

The good news for me is that that noise seems to be coming to an end. The really good news is that I'm a mere 5 kilos away from my goal weight of 70 kilos.

Not that I'm endorsing the Tummy Bug diet. That's just bad news. It's totally unhealthy, don't even think about

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Challenge #01627-D166: Desperate Invention

“The reasons that would not work are outnumbered only by the reasons it would be a disaster if it did.” -- RecklessPrudence

The ship's human took a moment to stare at Thorassik. "You and I have very different definitions of 'disaster'..."

"Yes! There is significant loss of profit in all scenarios, but if we die, the company loses the least."

"Well," sighed Human Steff. "I'm not about to lay my life down for the company."

"You are not a model employee," chided

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I did three and a half hours of cleaning, yesterday. The other half hour was spent fetching Mayhem from school. My back hurts, I'm tired (but can't sleep. Such fun) and the house looks amazing.

I also have a case of the gut bugs from somewhere. And I haven't done that much different from my regular routine. Which means either (a) mild food poisoning, or (b) I managed to pick up something from the local shops that I never wanted.

Either way,

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Challenge #01626-D165: A Conversation About the Greater Deregulations

"Is this an argument you actually want to win?"

"No, but - "

"Then stop talking about it," -- RecklessPrudence

"But it's still an issue," countered Praal. "There are entire planets dedicated to hatred and spite."

"And you would stop them with more hatred and spite?"

"No, but--"

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Big day ahead

I have to get a lot of money out of the bank, this morning, because today is the day of a four-hour clean with my distractible self helping everyone out. That's part of the deal.

So, if today's story is late, please forgive me. I'm being knocked onto my arse by more cleaning than I have the spoons for.

I will try to slot it in, but 'try' is not 'succeed'.

And then I have to do 1000 words whenever there's the

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Challenge #01625-D164: A Girl and Her Service Dog

Can we see more of Julie and her care dog Nanny please? -- Knitnan

Julie read the stops on the map as they came up to them. Her travelling equipment clutched on her lap. Nanny sat beside her in a more doggy pose than she usually adopted, muttering, "Good girl," and "Right Fin Park Atrium," alternately. Finally, Julie said, "That's next! Standing up time."

Looking at Nanny, one might expect the gigantic St Bernard to stand on all fours, but Nanny was

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I now have a legit copy of Adobe Animate CC. I'm using my Beloved's account, because why pay for things twice? Beloved has the thing, and has updated all the associated nonse. And I can animate with NO TIME LIMITS.

Which is just as well because it seems that I take about two weeks to draw a shot. Because OCD.

I just finished Shot #3, which was needlessly complicated for a very few seconds of time. But it is worth it. Beloved

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Challenge #01624-D163: Brass Goggles

[Person #1]: Oh dear, [Designation] just went from automaton to a child that just did something new. Progress.

[Person #2]: And a complication for [Name]. Better to have an absolutely loyal Automaton than someone who may have a conscience. -- RecklessPrudence

Colonel Peter A. Walter's design for the Babbage Brain seemed sound on paper, but things that worked on paper had a way of leaving him without eyebrows for a few days. Now that he'd built it and installed the thing inside

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Hectic PLNs

My car is due for a service, today. BUT, because of scheduling issues and Beloved's workload being THE MOST IMPORTANT THING... it gets convoluted.

  1. Beloved drives my car into the place to get it fixed
  2. Beloved catches usual lift to work
  3. I do the brat run as almost normal, with a borrowed car that I personally hate to drive.
  4. I drive to the place (with lappy on board)
  5. I babysit my car's fixing process
  6. I leave despised car in a parking space
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Challenge #01623-D162: Remote Child-rearing

[Talking about doing something dangerous that will have bad people disliking the fact that it happened, but is for a good cause]

"And if I get murdered, my Grandma's gonna be pissed."

"Dude, you really gotta stop living under her thumb."

"It is a very strong thumb, okay?!" -- RecklessPrudence

"Dude... she sounds like a b--"

Faster than lightning, Emilio had his hand over Gavin's mouth. "Don't say it. Don't even think it."

Gavin peeled Emilio off him. "What, you think your

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Moving forward

I figured it all out and now I have a Patreon Page. Sharp-eyed readers who come here will note that the menu has a new item, and you can pledge to support my flights of imagination.

Those who wish to see all the WIPs you can ingest can do so at a rate they can afford. Special rewards go out to those fans of mine who can afford more.

But for those of you who are itching to read Beauties and the

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Challenge #01622-D161: An Unlikely Misadventure

“I want to preface this by saying nothing happened, nothing is on fire. It is mere speculation. Do we have a fire extinguisher?” -- RecklessPrudence

"We're on a steam-powered space ship," said the Doctor. "Something has to be on fire or it wouldn't be working." He didn't look at Kev. He was more interested in the pipes and valves that seemed to make up a majority of the corridor decor. He was busy trying to work out what they were for and

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Today's big ToDo is: Investigate Patreon.

Nobody's said a word about the thing, so I'm guessing that nobody has an objection about it. I'm terrified, despite the fact that I know damn well that the people sponsoring me on Patreon will be coming in as a trickle, not as a flood.

It's not as if I have a lot of people reading this blog anyway.

Yes, this URL is the hub for my everything, but... I get the increasing feeling that hardly

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Challenge #01621-D160: Brothers? Useless.

"Yes! I have brothers, and none of them know one end of a spanner from another, Or bother to read the manuals." Lady mechanic fixes Male breakdown person. Anti-trope the Heck out of this. -- Knitnan

Broken down in the middle of nowhere and no cell service. "This is how every horror movie ever starts," Dan whined.

"You got some tools in this heap?" asked Pixie. "Maybe I could have a look and see what's going on."

Dan didn't scoff. It was

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