Wisconsin GOP Passes Bill Banning Poor People From Buying Shellfish, Potatoes And Ketchup

Wisconsin GOP Passes Bill Banning Poor People From Buying Shellfish, Potatoes And Ketchup




This is horrifying and gross, because the list includes:

  • Cranberry sauce and pie filling. (Poor people can forget about making dessert for Thanksgiving dinner.)
  • Creamed vegetables
  • Baked beans
  • Pickles
  • Pork and beans
  • Frozen veggies that come in packages featuring pasta, nuts, rice, cheese, or meats
  • French fries and hash browns
  • Sharp cheddar cheese, Swiss, and fresh mozzarella, shredded and sliced cheeses (except American cheese of course), cheese food, spreads, and products. Even Kosher cheese is banned unless you apply to get a specific check for it which basically could identify who the poor Jewish people are. (This is really gross and skeevy because of how this is isolating Jewish people and outing them.)
  • Canned peas and green beans
  • Albacore tuna, red salmon, and fish fillets
  • Bagels, pita bread, English muffins
  • White rice and wild rice
  • Taco shells
  • Almond, rice, goat, and soy milk.
  • Brown eggs and any eggs produced by cage-free or free range chickens, which basically helps corporate chicken farms
  • Several kinds of infant food
  • Anything in bulk
  • Anything organic or natural

This is horrifying. Many of the items on the list are things my family buys to save money, things that nearby stores on a regular basis will put on clearance but that have a long shelf life or can be frozen. The alternatives are much, much more expensive..

Can't like, must reblog. I- would really like to go through an average grocery store's inventory, and check off both everything that was previously disallowed from purchase with SNAP benefits, and the new list of banned foods. Then I want to sit down with a nutritionist and ask 'is this a diet on which a human being can survive, in the immediate or the long term? Much less a family of four? Is there nutritional benefit or detriment from eating exclusively what is on this list?'

Right off the bat, you've got a huge disadvantage for both diabetics and people with allergies who can't necessarily get along without either artificial sugar-free variants of foods or milk-or-protein variants. The thing with the Kosher stuff is skeezy beyond belief. They've removed a massive amount of both protein- and caloric bang-for-your-buck, which does nothing to help either the working poor who may be doing hard labor on insufficient fuel, nor the budget of either the person doing the buying or the tax-payers subsidizing whoever's product is getting bought.

This is- this is stark, staring ridiculous. This is of no benefit to those using the benefits, probably actively harmful, and in all ways seems to be meant as a punishment to those with the bad taste to be poor. I know being in Illinois I can't say we're much better in most aspects, but- seriously?

nek minit: "But it's so easy to eat healthy on a budget" diet-shaming posts.

You just watch.

The slime is strong with the GOP.