Weirdlet- re: shrubs&Bunny- the dryad is a fangirl.


(#00456 - A081)

She was used to music, since her shrubbery was by a stage. Her leaves and stems regularly shook with the thumping of music.

She was a young dryad. Just a shrub, so she had no idea what she was in for when the steam powered automatons took the stage.

It was love at first chord. Especially for the copper one with the mismatched eyes. Every time he[1] was on stage, she thrust her leaves towards the stage. Wanting to feel a whisper of his mechanical legs.

Wanting him to know that she was there.

And so soon. Too soon. He and his mechanical brothers were gone.

It would be years before she could hop from plant to plant, but she would find them. Years more before she could take a humanoid form and see them in person.

But now she had a goal. Something to work for. And one day, she would have the power of words to tell them:

“I love Steam Powered Giraffe.”

[1] Era appropriate gender!

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