Total Strangers Don'T Even Know What They'Re Saying Though

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reblog this w the wildest thing a neurotypical’s ever said to u

“dude you should TOTALLY try yoga!!! it fixes everything!!”

“diet and exercise man. go vegan. you need a cleanse”

“have you tried just staying positive?”

“well adhd isnt a real thing you should come up with strategies” a teacher.
“you should try herbal tea” while i was drinking tea.
“you have to exercise thats how brain chemistry works” my mom

“It’s all in your head. You have no reason to be depressed.”
“Just power through it and keep yourself busy.”
“It’s not anxiety you’re just shy.”
“Why are you panicking? Just calm down.”

“You just need to find out what’s wrong and you’ll be fine”

“This is just a phase in your life!”

“What the fuck is wrong with you???”

“Just take some mess and you’ll be fine right???”

-Just calm down.
-I wish *I* had pills to make me sleep!
-You should go outside more!
-If you exercised more you’d be happier and thinner!

- “You need to exercise.”

- “People who are depressed just enjoy making themselves and everyone around them miserable.”

“you need to start going to church, put it in god’s hands”

“Strength comes from within” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN

“What if whenever you had an episode you just go for a walk?”

“You have ADHD? Your life must be so interesting!”
“I think my three year old son has ADHD, he bounces off the walls!”
“I think my son has ADHD, but instead of taking him to a psychiatrist we just wear him out with swim team every morning.”

“God never gives you anything he doesn’t know you can’t handle”

“You just need to stop worrying about everything and relax!”

“Stop apologising for everything! I’m sick of hearing it!”

“Just get over it!”

“Stop bloody crying!”

All said during a downward depression/panic spiral by my Beloved.

“Stop panicking.”

“Hey. Come on. Calm down.”

Yeah, Love. If I knew how to do that, I would.

“Grow a thicker skin,” said by in-laws when I was in a fragile state of self-esteem.

“Just toughen up,” same in-laws.

“Wow. Drama queen.” In-laws again, when I finally stood up for myself and shouted every last one of them down.

And, of course, my personal favourite: “Do you want to get locked up?” Yeah, thanks, Beloved. I’m thankful that you’ve learned that threats don’t help in the slightest since that bon mot, but God DAMN…