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Reasons why I'm bitching a lot about my dying Mac

Hubby pointed out to me that I talk about my dying mac a LOT. As in, almost every time I speak to him, a lot.

I didn’t mean to pressure him. I just really, really hate not having a mac.

And here’s a few reasons why:

1) All my stuff was on there. Well, almost all of it. I was still trying to figure out how to get all my photos off my iPhone and onto the mac[without wiping said photos in the process] when it died. Not to mention innumerable projects including a story-in-progress I had yet to export to the iPad.
2) I hate BSOD’s. The most annoying thing in the world is to be flying along in the middle of whatever best suits one’s fancy and just before one hits “save” or reaches a much-anticipated goal - the whole box and dice crashes worse than moths into gravy. Best case scenario, the computer can salvage everything but the last three paragraphs. Worst case and most common scenario, one has to start all over again.
3) The one project that had me on fire is on hiatus until further notice. Hubby will be the first to tell you that I have motivation problems. If something doesn’t catch my interest, it’ll pile up until it annoys me and I have to do it, or it reaches crisis point and someone helps me do it. This project - the MathMagician adventure map in Minecraft - had me so motivated I was rebuilding the original build. Now I’m seriously thinking about re-rebuilding from scratch in a Windoze environment. Yup. I’m just that bat-poop crazy about teaching my kid that maths [and education] is worth something.
4) Least Important Family Member Syndrome. This is just a feeling I get, but you gotta admit, I might have a point. Timeline goes thusly: Mayhem gets a new mac for his birthday. Mother-in-Law gets a new mac apparently for teh lulz. Shiftless gets a new mac for work. My birthday rolls around and I get dinner at Sizzler’s.

Yup. 6k goes on the blood relatives and about 160 bucks goes on me. I’m still understandably upset about this.

I always wind up with the hand-me-down tech that everyone else has finished with, except that one time when I got a fresh-release iPad1 because it’s better for my eyes than books. The iPad2 came out soon thereafter and I blatantly stuck to my guns to await the iPad3. Hubby has one for work. I still have my iPad1.

Make no mistake, I’m not stomping my feet and screaming, “It’s not fair!” until I get another pony [well, maybe a little…] but I am rather used to doing without and making do and holding things together with duct tape and paperclips until convenience declares that I’m greenlighted for something good. But, of course, something steps in between me and my ultimate goal(s) as more important and I end up scraping by for even longer on whatever I have left.

So I’m being a bit more vocal about the whole thing. That doesn’t make me a bitch. It just means I’ve had a bit more than enough and I’m speaking out.

It also means I’m putting my foot down. I’m going to seek out some temp agencies and see what they can do for my gainful employment. I’ll sign up for every freelance writer’s thing that lets me in for free [my current budget, remember?] and I’m going to frigging EARN myself some better tech. And more resources for my family.