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On the Pro-life/Pro-choice debate

I’ve seen a lot of flame going on with respect to Senator Akin and his shit-for-brains comment that has been distracting America from the real issues, like the economy and why the real criminals are still getting paid shittons to wreck it.


I thought I’d take a step further back and analyse the labels.

Pro-choice is pretty easy. If you label yourself as “Pro-choice” then you, yourself, believe that a woman has the right to choose what goes on in and what grows in her body. That includes her right to decide that she’s pro-life.


But then there’s Pro-life.

Lots and LOTS of Pro-life folks are actually pro-punishment.

If you are pro-life, that means you are in favour of people living. That’s important.

How many pro-lifers out there are hot on the subject of executing criminals?

Massive disconnect right there, folks. If a life is sacred when it’s still in the womb, then it’s also sacred after the one living it has decided to -say- mutilate a bus full of children or nuns. No matter how heinous the crime, pro-lifers should be protesting to keep the criminal alive, simply because (s)he needs the chance to repent and make their lives better.

I’ll save the discussion on repentance/comparative religion for another blog. I’m trying to stay on topic.

If you are pro-life, you may also want to consider vegetarianism. Human foeti are sacred, so why not chicken foeti or cows, sheep and pigs? Turning vegetarian means another sacred life is allegedly preserved.

I’ll save the discussion on how vegetarian/veganism can actually accelerate the extinction process for another blog. And yes, I’m keeping notes on this.

If you also happen to be pro-quality-of-life then you may decide to take a vow of abstinence because this entire planet is on the verge of a food crisis, but this is yet another topic…

Pro-life means saving the baby even after rape or incest because the new life is sacred. A real pro-lifer would sponsor a drug addict to take her potential kid to term and then raise the drug-addicted, possibly birth-defected child as their own and pay all the medical bills. Why? Because life is sacred, that’s why.

A real pro-lifer would be anti-war because war ends the sacred lives.

A real pro-lifer would support welfare for single mothers because no real pro-lifer would want a child to starve.

A real pro-lifer would allow a woman to have a life-saving abortion because a woman has the potential to make more sacred babies. Or at the very least, raise some of the ones that weren’t wanted by their genetic progenitor(s).

A real pro-lifer would be red-hot on eliminating pedophilia in general and predatory pedophiles specifically because, if a life is sacred, then it certainly deserves to be lived without being messed up by some selfish idiot with erratic brain wiring. [I have been told there are “harmless” pedophiles who keep their lusts to themselves. Personally, I’m wont to add “so far” to those statements]

A real pro-lifer would be pro-contraception, to make certain that the sacred life that emerges is wanted and valued by the progenitor(s).

Alleged pro-lifers who choose not to do any of the things I have mentioned above are not pro life.

They are pro punishment.

They want to punish ‘wicked’ women who have sex. And their best method of punishment is by making her have the baby. They want to punish the idea of sex, but are oddly silent on the issue of porn.

As an enlightened human being, I think the porn industry needs some regulation. It’s almost as toxic as the beauty/fashion industry, but that’s another topic for another time.

Pro-punishment folks see women in general as baby factories and little else. Once a woman has expelled an allegedly sacred foetus into the world, pro-punishment could give less than a shit about that life that was sacred until it was born. It’s not their problem.

Pro-punishment folks endorse -either loudly or silently- the bombing of planned parenthood clinics, abortion clinics, and doctors who perform abortions. Pro-punishment people want to kill all the criminals, especially the poor ones who can’t afford a decent lawyer.

Pro-punishment blames women for most, if not all, of the world’s evils. Just birthed an unwanted child? Stupid woman should never have gotten(sic) pregnant. Just birthed a deformed child? Well, she should have tried to have one when she was younger and could never have afforded it. Welfare mom? Her fault! Teen pregnancy? She must have been driven into uncontrollable lust by the sight of a free/vending-machine condom! Pregnancy threatens your life? Die for the sake of a child that will probably die when you do because otherwise, you’re not a “real” woman!

So how about it? If you’re a real pro-lifer, stand tall and proud and live by your ethic to save a life, no matter how small. Put your money, time and considerable effort into actually saving those sacred lives.

Otherwise, proudly don a T-shirt that reads, “Kill them all and let [YOUR GOD HERE] sort them out!” and thence have nothing at all to do with those wicked and horribly sinful women.

I’m pretty certain they don’t want to breed with you, anyway.