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I freaking called it!

I have billions of good ideas and no concept of how to take them to fruition. Fine and dandy.

What bugs me is that I later see these good ideas coming into reality at a minimum of five years after I was flat-out told that my concepts were impossible for one reason or another.

In my teen years, I dreamed up an animation program that any idiot could use [specifically, an idiot like me who has no freaking clue how to animate]. Just recently, I bought a Blue-Ray movie with a give-away. Said give-away was Aardman’s animation program that is allegedly easy to use.

I’m betting not as easy as they think, but damn, it’s getting there.

I also thought that the sides of skyscrapers could be employed as solar collectors. Now, some genius has invented A solar panel that doubles as a window.


I won’t drag you through the details of all my other genius ideas [mostly because I’ve forgotten half of them] but I will share some of my current ones.

Bamboo is the cash crop of the future. Seriously, it’s like the duct tape of the plant world. Not that I see a future made of duct tape and bamboo, but mostly bamboo would be fine. Seriously, you can eat it, make clothes out of it [Though only socks and jocks have been spotted thus far], turn it into paper, build with it and out of it and use it as a container. As a bonus, it grows like blue fuck and only needs a little space. No more clearing out old growth forests! Yay!

Automated medication delivery. We seriously need a system where, once you have to take a medication for life, it gets delivered automatically when you’re near to running out. It would save thousands. Lives, dollars, hours, you name it. And it would cut down on disease vectors because you no longer have to hang around for ages on end for a two-minute visit for a new scrip.

Across the board apps. Imagine this: you buy an app for your phone. Instantly, your at-home Mac and iPad also have that app installed. If you have an app on one device, why shouldn’t it be on all your linked ones. Apple only do this for Pads and Phones, but why not include the desktops? I for one, would like Message to be available on my desktop as well.

Keep an eye out for these innovations. And remember that I freaking called it.