Martin Place

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What happened in Austrailia?



in Martin Place, which is within the CBD of Sydney, there is currently a hostage situation taking place in a lindt chocolate cafe. It has occurred since 9:45AM and is still underway. It is currently 2:45PM.

All I know myself so far is this:

  • There is around 13-50 people being held hostage within this cafe, customers and staff.
  • There is at least one gunman (possible two) controlling the situation inside. Police are on the scene outside.
  • The Sydney Opera House and areas around Martin Place have been shut down and evacuated.
  • The motivations behind the people being held hostage has not been confirmed and is unknown, as is why the Sydney Opera House is currently being evacuated. 
  • The hostages being held against the window with a flag; it is not an Islamic State flag. 
  • There are fears bombs are throughout the city. 
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge is down, buses and trains re-routed.

I’m really sorry I can’t say any more as there’s a lot of false information being carried around but I’ll be reblogging a lot to do with the situation as it happens to keep you all informed. Its hard to trust the media as its very opinionated

I’m terrified. I just got a call from my friend and she’s okay and she’s trying to safely get to my house. Both she and I work in the city very close to Martin Place. 

I’m praying for their safety.

This is literally all we know right now. Others on tumblr need to stop spreading misinformation

For my followers’ information, I am safe and sound and miles away in Queensland.

I thank everyone in advance for not using this as an excuse to promote racism or anti-islam sentiments. The vast majority of Muslim peoples are just interested in getting through their day without trouble.

Hopefully these regrettable examples will be detained without loss of life.