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What's all this about then?

I woke up this morning and realised that I am Thirty-nine and have done almost squid-all nothing with my life.

I consider myself a writer - but I have finished little and published nothing.

I am a Mum - yet, or perhaps because of that, everything I do is wrong.

I have a degree in Information Technology - and I am unemployable.

I have two kids, both on that marvellously wide rainbow that is ASD, and I think I’m achieving one goal of getting them to a point where they can look after themselves. Then again, I am always wrong…

So, as my Best Beloved said, in order to accomplish something, one must do something.

Therefore, once a day, I will post something here. It may be auto-biographical, it may be a rant. It may be fan fiction or independent fiction. It depends on where my whims take me.

Spread the word, because I have no freaking idea how to advertise [I mean, besides asking one or many of the nice folks I’m TweetStalking to spread the word about this verbal potluck…] and in order to be seen¬†as accomplishing something, one has to be noticed and acknowledged.

Otherwise, it’s just another waste of time.