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It's 2:40 AM

I woke up at 1:25.

Tried EVERYTHING to get myself back to sleep. Took a different sleep-aid. Did some meditation. Tried to focus on spreading the need to rest throughout my entire body.


This time, It was heat.

Winter get’s down into the low teens [celcius] here and I do NOT like the cold. Therefore, we have a nice down quilt to keep us warm, my beloved and I.

Alas, long about the wee small hours of the morning, it’s TOO good at keeping us warm and I wake up in sweaty confusion, unable to get back to sleep.

Then it’s the battle for comfort, weighing the pros and cons of beloved-snuggling versus bad back and being in pain for the rest of the day.

So I put on my warmest clothes and came to my compy to vent.

I’ll start feeling tired at 5:30. When it’s time for me to wake up and organise the brats for the day. At 1PM, I will be nearly useless for almost anything… but I still have to go fetch the brats, later on.

Sound would not have helped me this morning.

Better bedding is also currently out of my budget. Alas.

Buy my books. Please. Help an insomniac out.