Fucked Up Laws

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bitch-media: Sentencing someone to prison for a miscarriage seems outrageous--but Indiana's law is part of an increasing number of "fetus...


Sentencing someone to prison for a miscarriage seems outrageous—but Indiana’s law is part of an increasing number of “fetus rights” laws nationwide. In thirty-eight states, violence against women that results in pregnancy loss is called fetal homicide. But, as demonstrated by Indiana, that law can be—and has been—used to criminalize the women themselves who lose their pregnancies.

Map credit: PRI, with data from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

See this? This is BEYOND FUCKED UP!

You have this ~1700-year-old book [The new testaments weren’t even written down until 100AD, minimum. The Christian Bible as we know it didn’t even exist until the time of Charlemagne] that says absolutely NOTHING about the sanctity of a pregnancy, but you keep coming up with modern laws to defend one passage that isn’t even about preserving pregnancy?

Just… WAT.

Seriously. The only Biblical law about terminating a pregnancy is only ever concerned about whether the woman lives [Exodus 21:22-25]. The results of the miscarriage are treated as property loss and not the loss of life [News flash: The Bible is terrible and you should never base modern laws on it ever].

Meanwhile, where are all the laws to prevent male masturbation? Onanism, as I recall, is punishable by stoning in the Bible. Why are there no laws against masturbation? Or the porn that causes it? And where are the laws protecting prostitutes [”Better for your seed to fall into the belly of a whore than to spill on the ground” IIRC] so that no man sins?

And anyway, all this bullshit started with the Pill and Roe V Wayde. It’s not about faith. It’s about forcing women to suffer because they obviously had sex.