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Economies of Scale

So I revealed to hubby my determination to grow our own fruit and veg, yesterday (I write these in advance, so I don’t have to fret about having something to write about) and offered him some input into the process. He said, grow tomatoes, carrots and lettuce.

Lettuces like things so swampy, I was thinking about a hydroponics setup, so I don’t drown the tomatoes and carrots.

If you don’t buy a kit and grow them indoors (Hubby had a firm and definite ‘no’ to that. Our house is already crammed with gadgets) then you have to buy/build/make a greenhouse. You need pumps and pipes and hoses, oh my.

Even if you go the cheapest you possibly can, that’s an outlay of $8000AU.

Eight. THOUSAND. Dollars.

If you even want to think of making that back, you need to grow a shitton of lettuce and be able to sell them at a profit.

Stalls at the farmer’s market cost money, too.

So, my best options are: Grow to sell at the farmer’s market (Once a month and it will probably co$t) or hang up a placard on the fence, advertise on the Internets or otherwise grow to sell to the local community.

OR… take the outlay as a lost cause and grow to suit myself.

In which case, why NOT buy a kit and grow the frelling things on my computer desk?