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Essential Trace Element(s)

Doesn’t it sound so scientific? It sounds like it comes with a free Guy/Gal in a Labcoat to explain in big words and complicated sentences why they are essential and how you can sign up for a special blind trial.

But really, today, I’m talking about silver.

Specifically, colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is water with a tiny bit of silver in it. You can wiki it if you want to. And it can slowly improve your health over a matter of months.

It can help cure and prevent cancer.

This is not bullshit, like all the other “miracle drugs” that appear in great fanfare and vanish quietly into obscurity.

This is real. I have two cancer survivors in my family who have both amazed their doctors by surviving chemo with improving health. One said survivor was even expected to be long gone by now.

All because they take colloidal silver.

I’ve been taking it for a little over two months and I’ve noticed a change in my skin tone, a general lack of need for my asthma meds [I’m not stupid, I still take my Preventers] and less reactions to the things that usually send my health into a tailspin.

It may even be helping me lose weight. Along with portion control, healthy eating habits, chia and moderate exercise… That sorta makes it hard to tell what’s really working.

I know damn well it’s helping me avoid catching lurgi whenever I handle a shopping trolley. I haven’t had a lurgi or near-lurgi incident since I started taking the stuff. When I swept the floor, this Monday, I had neither sneeze nor sniffle nor a single wheeze.

The catch is, it works S-L-O-W-L-Y. You have to be taking it for two months, minimum, before you can notice a change.

I have some eczema on my face. Little rosy patches on my forehead and near my nose that flake and itch. No doctor-prescribed lotion has done a thing. Colloidal silver gel has reduced the area and “ugliness” of the patches. And I’m sure the process would go faster if I remembered to apply it morning and night, every day.

It may even be the reason that the royals are called “blue bloods”, since they spend most of their time eating with silver, drinking tea made in silver, etc. they’d get a natural overdose, which turns human blood blue-ish.

When you tell people, “I’m taking an Essential Trace Element,” you sound wise and scientific and you could even introduce them to the idea of a little silver in their own diet.

When you say, “I’m taking an alternative medicine,” they instantly assume you’re undergoing some hippie bullshit and ignore everything that comes out of your mouth. Even if it’s clearly working.

So look up colloidal silver. I know there’s a billion and one places selling the stuff care of the interwebs. Don’t be scared. Silver is an essential trace element. Everyone needs some in their lives to improve their health.

It’s worked for two cancer survivors. It’s worked for me. It’s worked for everyone who’s tried it, as far as I’m aware. Even my mother, who is scared of the world, is looking in to getting her hands on some. That’s how awesome it is.

Look it up. Try it for a couple of months. See what happens.

And share. Sharing is good.