Clumsy Day

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The Drops

MeMum used to call it “dropsy” when she was feeling whimsical. On other days, it was the “sadim"s [Midas spelled backwards]. Those days when everything around you seems destined to ricochet off the floor.

I prefer to call it "the drops” so people don’t look at me funny.

Mayhem has it this morning. He’s spilled seven different things towards the floor - including my morning beverage and the cat’s water - and counting.

My best advice to him, and anyone who’s having a clumsy day, is this: Slow down, take a breath, and take it carefully.

Once you start a clumsy streak, it’s easy to get agitated or angry and make even more mistakes. Which, as you might guess, starts a self-defeating cycle involving a lot of interesting new swears.

But of course, nobody ever listens to me.

I’m just a mum.