Caramel Mochachino

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The Bad Barrista - Caramel Mochachino

Any self-respecting barrista would be running away from this.

This is NOT how trained professionals would do it. This is how I do it.


Method of boiling water.
1 handy heat source for same.
Large cup.


1 stick pre-prepared Mocha mix
1 stick pre-prepared caramel hot chocolate mix
1-2 tsp sugar


Start boiling water.
Open sticks and tip contents into cup.
Add sugar.
Blend dry ingredients with spoon. 
Once water is boiled, half-fill cup with hot water.
Stir thoroughly. If you don’t you get crunchy sweet coffee clusters. Not nice.
Add milk to top it off.

Drink, and try not to bounce off the walls.

Pro barristers are doubtless going to (a) tell me I’m doing it wrong, volume optional or (b) tell me how they’d make one and invite me to try it.

Folks, this is something I have to make at home in order to keep myself awake during sleep dep episodes. In order to drive to your place of business, I’d have to make one before I go.

I am not a coffee person. I’m not that big on tea, either. When it comes to hot beverages, I’m a hot chocolate kinda gal. Which helps me sleep. When I need to stay awake, I take my coffee with heinous amounts of sweetening substances in order to overwhelm the bitterness. Hence, caramel mochachino.

Yes, it’s an abomination unto the rest of mankind. So was my earlier stimulant of choice: minties and fanta.