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Blather about my new chair to follow. I just thought I’d at least have an interesting title.

I do recall reading somewhere that sitting on a big ball was better for you than the typical office chair.

I can literally feel mine doing things to my back. And, having sprained my ankle, yesterday, I can attest that your back will tell you it objects to sitting improperly again.

Alas, one thing you can’t do with a ball is sit on it and put your feet up.

Whenever I’m blocked, all I do is close my eyes and bounce. Physical exercise gets the brain going again and lures the muses back. And the bouncing annoys Captain Useless, which is always a bonus :)

Keeping your eyes open to bounce can give you a headache because the human eye is not designed to read and oscillate at the same time.

The disadvantages, of course, are that while your back gets used to the ball, it kinda hurts a bit. Also, if you have kids, they’re liable to nick it.

One other disadvantage, at least for me, is that I constantly have to balance by leaning on something. Oddly enough, though, this somehow prevents me from getting Desktop Elbow - a close relative of Tennis Elbow.

Other advantages include the lightness of the ball, which makes clustering relatives less antsy when you run over them with it, and the low height, which makes it super easy to roll under my desk.

I will also admit that I possibly look completely ridiculous in the mounting and dismounting stages. Nobody’s observed to laugh, yet.