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A Bit More on Gridle$$

The real point of Gridle$$ as a means of protest is this:

We are not giving money to any corporation.

We are no longer buying their bullshit. In any form.

If we’re paid, we’re keeping our pay. We’re giving it to actual people who worked to produce the things we need.

We are not buying petrol/gasoline to run our cars because we have bikes. That we repair ourselves.

We are not buying fashionable brand clothing because we are making it ourselves. We will grow it ourselves, if necessary. Assuming it takes that long.

We are not buying over-processed foods because we’re growing our own.

We are most definitely not¬†watching TV, because we’re busy making our own stuff.

Kill the corporations by removing your need of them.

End the corporations, and you end their influence in politics.

Sure, it’ll take some significant time, but maybe by the third or fourth year of a significant lack of sales, they might just get the hint.

It could plausibly be just as effective as sitting in a park and banging on a drum or holding up a sign.

After all, you can’t say ‘activism’ without saying 'active’.

We can sit and blame and demand, or we can do.

People made the system that is currently breaking down. People can make a new system that lasts.