Reasons to buy C.M. Weller's books:They're firkin awesomeWell-rounded charactersTheir skin colour and identity is part of who they are,...

Reasons to buy C.M. Weller’s books:

  1. They’re firkin awesome
  2. Well-rounded characters
  3. Their skin colour and identity is part of who they are, rather than shoe-horned box-ticking
  4. Science Fiction containing actual science
  5. Dedicated author who is determined to keep making books NO MATTER WHAT
  6. No, seriously. C.M. Weller has literally doubled all efforts at writing since recovering from an injury that slowed hir down
  7. And if you follow, you get a free vignette every day. Every. Day. [Excepting Christmas, because authors have family, too. But trust me, ze feels really guilty about it.]
  8. Ze gives out a creepy short story for FREE every single October.

All this work and effort. The least you could do is buy something.