Paraphrasing Zaphod Beeblebrox, pt. 2

Same challenge as before, only she’s not being literal instead of sarcastic.

[AN: I hope you mean “is being literal” because otherwise, it would just be the same story]



“Oh my goodness,” all six Saras chorussed. “Oooh. Echo!”

“This isn’t supposed to happen,” said Jamie.

“I’m well used to things that are not supposed to happen… happening,” said one of the Saras.

“At least I have all the extra hands I need for Genracon.”

“What? You can’t all go to Genracon…”

“We can afford the tickets…”

“That’s not the issue!”


Two of her were dressed as Darkness and Light. Three wore CLONE FARM T-shirts. One wore a shirt that read, SpokesClone. And everyone… just accepted it.

Jamie quietly boggled from his vantage point at Thylacine Industries’ merch table.

“Wow, wow, wow!” said someone in Wubsy cosplay. “You’re THE Sara Adrien!”

“No,” said SpokesClone Sara. “I’m just A Sara Adrien. Didn’t you hear? We come in six-packs, now.”

Wubsy giggled and they got a photo together.

“See?” said one of the CLONE FARM Saras. “These are my people. We’re used to the extraordinary.”

Jamie curled up and kind of whimpered.

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