Dilly daddle dawdle

[AN: This post was meant to appear yesterday, but it failed to publish]

I honestly don't know whether I'm being lazy, getting caught up in the new way of doing things, or I'm just lethargic because I haven't had my salty broth yet.

I should go make myself one of those now.

OK. I have my salty broth, but it's too hot to imbibe. Nobody refilled the ice cube tray. Again.

Things I have accomplished:

[X] 'Figure naught' walk around the blocks with beloved (That's once around the circumference of both blocks and then back home)

[X] Flamewar in Steemit over transgender ppl's rights (They just want to pee and poop in peace!)

[X] Upvoting every single 'for' poster on the thread

[X] Posting my three archive stories before getting on with things here.

Heck, I even fed some tolerance in the Bible to someone with a Jesus avatar. And that's one of the things that I've been waiting for three years to do.

How successful I am is another story.

Things I have yet to accomplish:

[ ] This blog (whoops)

[ ] My instant story over on Steemit

[ ] The 500 more words in my novel

And it's almost eleven.

The holidays bring the laziness. And the laziness brings lateness. I am truly sorry, but laying around in bed with my Beloved is more interesting than sitting on a hard computer chair [I have lost my bum padding! Woe!] with ants threatening my feet, and typing out whatever comes to mind.

My weight, for those of you keeping score, is holding steady at 84.1. Still the lightest I have been since I was a teenager. I'm still working on ways to combat my low blood pressure [tasty and safe drinks seem to be key] but I'm otherwise in excellent shape.

Beloved and I are wrangling our gasses about our future aquaponics system. Looks like it's going somewhere between our extant garden beds, on a built-up flat space and possibly its own concrete slab. We're actually going to use the simple flood-and-drain, with the extra water going from the garden and straight back into the fish tank.

We'll add bells and whistles as we need them, but for now, it's KISS. Keep It Simple, Silly.

Also planned for today is going out and getting Mayhem some books, Chaos some shorts for her new school, and us to see a movie, maybe. I wanna see Moanna, dangit.