Moving Source

[AN: this post was meant to appear two days ago, but it failed to publish]

Let's face it, Steemit is already making me more money than this site is. And I've only got a handful of posts up. My biggest earner is still my #introduceyourself post, but I'm sure that will change as time goes on.

I'm learning how the system works, and the maximum-four-posts thing is going to keep me on my toes for a little bit. Also the fact that you can't edit your tags once a thing is posted.

BUT, because this has the greatest current potential to earn me a living, my Instant Story will be happening on my Steemit account and this site will be getting a teaser and a link to the rest.

I'll also be getting into my menu and adding a link to Steemit there.

I've figured out a way to keep the prompt count as part of it, though the teaser here will have some vital statistics after the readmore link.

Onto diet news: I had a naughty treat last night to celebrate the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Half a can of Yankee Root Beer. It was my favourite pre-diet tipple, but an entire can contains all the carbohydrates I'll ever need for 48 hours. So I shared my tinnie with Mayhem.

I have one last can left, which I'm saving for New Years', and then I shall purchase that beverage no longer. Le sigh.

Kicking the sugar habit has been tricky for me. I've been the original sugar junkie my entire life. Especially when I reached Uni and all the cheapest of cheap crap foods came in plastic packages with bright, colourful labels. Beloved used to joke that my four food groups were Sucrose, Fructose, Glucose, and Starch. And there are moments when I miss them. Especially when I pass by the cake-y sections in the Carb Court.

All those colourful, glistening carbs, just sitting there and looking delicious... It's so hard to leave them alone. I miss them so.

But I can remind myself that I've already kicked off the Yule Feast Weight [All 0.6 kilos worth] and it looks like I'll be shedding more before the end of the year. All because I'm staying away from those addictive carbs.