Challenge #03686-J033: Magical Awakening

They lived in a simple apartment building in the middle of a large, busy, city. They'd always been considered a bit of an oddball, and loved books on fantasy. Then came that fateful evening, they did something they didn't think was possible, to save a kid from injury, and an individual who seemed old and wise, and yet youthful in appearance, came to them, to explain that they, in this modern world, possessed something the modern world tended to eschew. Actual magic. -- Anon Guest

I didn't think about it at the time.There's just some moments where you act first and realise what you did later. The usual hero shit that's like the moment of revelation. I shouldn't have been able to parkour my way up to catch that kid just as they were losing their grip on the ledge.

But... I did it.

I even stuck the landing, and let me tell you I am not the sporty sort. I'm the nerdy sort. Give me one of those basket hanging chairs and a big, thick, fiction book and I am set. Before this? Hopscotch was the limit of my physical prowess.

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