Challenge #03338-I050: We Can Do That Too

Ricardo Carlos is a 34-year-old drug dealer. His dream is to be a successful kingpin in Vice City. He has been dealing drugs since the age of 10 and has been arrested in his 20s. He was an ex-Los Santos Vagos gang member. -- Anon Guest

Things change too fast, amigo. You grow up learning one way to climb the ladder and then the asshole at the top pushes it down. Used to be you could go places. Move product, show your strength, don't take any shit... and one day you could get to be bossman.

Los Santos Vagos used to mean something. Wanna escape reality? We got your shit. Just shake hands with a saint. It's all gone to shit, amigo. It's all gone to shit.

Eneftees. Fucking eneftees. They're not even real, you know? Picture of a monkey looks like he's been hit with the ugly stick is worth more money than God's got? It's horseshit, but it's how things move now. Ain't nobody got time for dime bags in the alley near the bodega, no more.

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