Challenge #01861-E037: ...For the Trees

“Do you ever wonder what would happen if you just stepped into the woods?” She rolled her eyes at the dreamer, taking extra care to steer them away from even looking at it. “I used to. But then I grew up.” -- Wonderful-Prompts

The land above the leaves was the only place where it was safe to farm. The trees grew only to certain heights above the very lowest parts of the land. Every part of the free land was used for food. The people stayed in the treetops. They dared not traverse the forest floor.

It got dark in the woods. Treacherous. Go too far. Wander too deep, and you will never be seen again.

Would that this world had an ocean, the trees would be easiest explained as being exactly like that. Branches cut or trees felled were easily supplanted by other branches and other trees with barely a difference in the level of the leaves. This was a boon to some, and a curse to others. Everyone knew that the land covered by the wood was the most fertile. Everyone knew that the land covered by the wood was unclearable.

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