Challenge #01727-D266: Special Needs

The concept is fairly vanilla. Not so very long ago historically, say a generation or three, people started occasionally randomly developing superhuman abilities. But the twist was that it was in a world with no assumed behavior of putting on tights and fighting crime. So for the most part, powers are more of an embarrassing social condition, roughly between genital herpes and Tourette's Syndrome, depending on the ability in question.

But who is to say a new ability will automatically be cool? Or useful? Or even dignified?

Examples from the dream: One person can hear the thoughts of lice within about a fifty yard range. Another can lift immense weights of corn. A third can rip sheet metal with her eyebrows. But only sheet metal. And only with her eyebrows. If one DOES develop a cool sounding power, it is often quickly fatal, or nearly so. Flight is cool. But how much experience do you have with steering your body through the air, or accelerating, or decelerating, or landing, or any of that when you suddenly fling yourself up off the sidewalk at roughly mach 0.5 in a crowded neighborhood ?

Like that.

Thanks. -- Bard2dBone

My name is Claire, and I'm a Floater. I'm one of the point one two percent of people afflicted with Floating Syndrome. For me, gravity is optional. I'm grade three, which means I have some control over when and how I float, but... it's not all the time. People think it is? But, it really isn't.

Like, they have some control over whether or not they're an asshole. But they don't, you know?

People see my warning bracelet and immediately ask a whole bunch of questions. I've been thinking of making up some FAQ sheets. Give them all the answers before they can bother to come up with the questions. But I've been told by my therapist that that sort of behaviour is hostile and we need all the tolerance we can get. All I can think about is how, not too long ago, Floaters were automatically saints. Now? We just have to have the patience of them.

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