Challenge #01658-D197: Fallen From Grace

It’s like they used the power of righteous hatred the same way some people use the power of love. -- RecklessPrudence

Some hated him because he had committed treason and bragged about it. Some hated him because of what he had done to his wives. Some hated him because of what he said. Most hated him because of what he had done. They had cause to hate each other, but the hatred of the man who claimed to be their leader was the one thing that united them.

The Oligarch was uncomfortable on his throne to the point where he had fled the country, but that didn't matter. His nation had armed themselves, and they were moving in for the kill. As he crossed borders, so did they. As he boarded ships, so did they. The Oligarch was not safe. He had alienated all but his nations enemies. In fact, there were very few, indeed, who would give him succour. And many of those, he brought with him.

At least, until they became inconvenient. Then, he traded their safety for his life. He didn't care about the betrayal. He had never cared about anything but money and power. And now, without either, all he cared for was his continued existence.

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