Challenge #01619-D158: This is the Best Thing

Super person comes to rescue of someone they are really Big Fans of. Marvel, D.C. Whatever.

Brownie points for "OMG! You're Them!" moment. -- Knitnan

Being a Power isn't as much fun as the comic books would make you believe. For a start, the seemingly endless battles with the Big Bad hardly ever happen. And when they do, it's not something you want to live through. Most of my life is patrolling the streets and trying to stop trouble before it starts.

My hero name is The Shield. I can make a force field to protect people or contain troublemakers. I also have a helmet and chest-cam to record everything I see and hear. It's admissible in court, so the people who clearly do wrong can't claim bias. You would not be surprised how often that happens when it's a white cop who tried to shoot an unarmed black person and got stopped by a Latina hero.

But that wasn't what was going on that night. It was a slow night, for a change. It could be so simple to go home and binge on netflix, but I owed the city another hour. And just as I turned a corner, I found a stopped car in an out-of-the-way alley and a mobile dead zone. This was one that wouldn't need my powers, but the Ready Bag in the boot of my tiny little car.

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