Challenge #01615-D154: MWA-HAHAHA!

"You think I'm evil? Well, am I evil just because I want to kill you? Am I evil just because I would rather tear you limb from limb and watch you bleed out one at a time, and I’m genuinely sad I won’t be able to before your friends arrive? Am I evil just because after I’m done here I’m going to go to your town and slaughter everyone you have ever loved out of pure spite?"

"W-what? Yes! Of course you're evil! All of that is horribly, sickeningly evil!"

"Ah... Well, excellent! I like knowing my place in the world! So few do." -- Anon Guest

I know what I am. People keep telling me. I'm evil, down to the core. I am the terror that stalks in the night. I am the rage in the pit of your heart. I am bent on destroying the world. And I love it.

The world needs heroes, that is true, but it also needs villains. Those for whom the heroes can look heroic against. If it wasn't for those like me, they'd all be fighting each other to rescue kittens from trees. Can you imagine SupaMegaMan escorting little old ladies across the road? No, of course not. I'm around.

Well. Myself and some of those... lesser villains. They all have egos the size of the moon and minions with the competency level of your average cheese. It's the way the world works, of course. Easily-duped minions and escapable death traps make it less likely that a hero will out-and-out kill a villain in order to stop the nefarious scheme of the month.

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