Challenge #01577-D116: Famous Fortune

Imagine a time when 3D technology can create actors and actresses from the past or now. Actors age, 3D images do not. already existing are those from the past whose Images are saleable items, and "Body of Work" could mean something else. And I'm not just thinking "The Elvis Experience" here - although I suspect it might be one of the first. -- Knitnan

Janice sashayed up to the bar after her set had finished. "Gimme a tall SoCo on the rocks, darlin'," she settled into her stool. Another packed night. Those four boys from Liverpool were up next, just after the Marx Brothers were done with their comedy routine. Another packed night in the Eternal Auditorium.

One of the visitors parked himself next to her and said, "It all looks so real, doesn't it?"

Janis grinned. He had to have had some of the good stuff. "Feels so real, too."

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