Challenge #01124-C027: Confession for the Soul

The same prompt as before, with the added corollary-

Bonus OT3: C is the one who put the lobster in A’s pants and doesn’t tell anyone for years.

(With the Mystery Skulls group please. Bonus points for use of the empty skeleton ghost) -Gallifreya

[AN: Aw dang, and I was going to continue yesterday's post with the lobster fallout]

Some years ago.

"It's going to be alright, Arthur," Lewis soothed. "I don't blame you for my death, any more, and I'm almost cured."

"I blame me," said Arthur, leaning into his semi-ghostly companion. "If only I'd just remembered my stupid amulet."

"It was a class seven jealousy demon. Your amulet wouldn't have done squat."

"Well, I'd have known it wasn't my fault. I'd have actually done everything I could to prevent it."

"Aw shoosh," Lewis dragged Arthur into his arms. "The bad part is over and done. Start enjoying the --YYEEEEEEEEE!"

Pink flames flared. Lewis' human guise dropped and his faceless skeleton form manifested. He alternately flew or ran in circles.

None of which did anything to the small lobster in his pocket that was snapping random portions of his ghostly derrière.

Arthur couldn't help it, he burst out laughing so hard that he fell off the log he was sitting on.


"Um. In the spirit of Forgiving Day," announced Vivi. "I've had a little secret I've been meaning to tell you guys for... some time."

Her husbands took on the we're-listening-without-judgement pose.

"You... remember the camping trip when we met Lobstersaurus?"

"I haven't been allowed to forget," rumbled Lewis whilst Arthur snorted.

"Um.... I'm... the one who put Lobstersaurus in your pants pocket."

Lewis burst out laughing so hard he had to stop and take his meds.

"Why?" demanded Lewis.

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