Challenge #00958-B227: Mortal Mutant Powers

(I’ve had this prompt for ages. I have to use it now, because they’re finally starting to make plugs and ports that this doesn’t matter for)

USB connectors are at least 4-dimensional. Proof: a connector doesn’t fit. You turn it 180 degrees and it still doesn’t fit. after a THIRD 180 degree turn it now does.

(prompt from RecklessPrudence on Tumblr)

Tambry had no idea why she'd gathered a crowd. All she'd done was hook up her rather ancient laptop and USB hub. She was so used to it that she didn't think about it.

"What?" she demanded of her audience.

"You just plugged in like six different USB devices without turning them once."


"Everyone knows you have to turn them over twice before they plug in."

"Or... you just look before you do it," suggested Tambry. "That's why it works on the third try."

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