Challenge #00908-B177: True Love's Kiss

Pick one!

[AN: I picked “my best friend got turned into a frog and now i’m being the best wingman/woman/person ever by carrying them around to bars and getting hot people to kiss them in hopes of hooking them up with their true love” AU. I also want to do all of these so send in five more ;)]

“So… what’s with the frog?”

“Ah,” Carol sighed. “Um. Her name is Patricia, and she’s my BFF. I mean. She used to be human? And then we went trick-or-treating for a joke around the Bayou and she was wearing this Slutty Witch costume -andum- long story short? She’s been cursed and I’m helping her find true love.”


“No, it’s legit,” said Patricia. “True as trombones.”

The girl Carol had been talking to shrieked and vanished into the crowd of fellow lesbians.

“Damnit, Trish…“ Carol smacked her own forehead. “I told you talking freaked people out.”

“She was giving you the hairy eyeball. I had to weigh in.”

“I’ve had enough. It’s late. Try again tomorrow?”

Trish sighed. “Yeah. Tomorrow. Maybe that coffee shop with those girls with the piercings…”

Carol made sure she had her things and began the long trudge home. “You’re lucky I love you enough to do this for you.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” muttered Trish. “If it wasn’t for you, I’d have been squashed a million times by now.”

“Next time you’re human? Please say ‘yes’ to cosplay? You can’t offend magical people with cosplay.”

“Yeah I never heard of a dudebro wizard.”

They finally reached the little flat they shared. Most of Trish’s stuff had been boxed up for safekeeping. Her bed was in storage. The room it cleared was now taken over by Carol’s own researches into magic. An effort that had many rewards, so far, but nothing in relation to a counter-spell or cure.

But there was a cosy terrarium for Trish, and all the feeder crickets she could eat. And a bed for Carol to flop in once she scoured her face free of makeup.

“It’s okay,” soothed Trish. “I’m getting used to being a frog.”

“I still want to hug you and not worry about squashing you,” Carol kissed her ‘goodnight’ and parked Trish into the Terrarium. “So I’m doing this for you until I die.”

Trish watched her clean up and flop into bed. She whispered, “I love you, too.”

The magic hit like an asteroid. And just like an asteroid, there was a lot of noise and light. And an impact crater with Trish’s terrarium at ground zero.

There were scorched feeder crickets everywhere. Scattered papers and shattered glass and Patricia, wet and naked in the middle of it all.

Carol didn’t care. She got to hug her best friend in the entire world, again.

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