Challenge #00865-B134: One Blood-Soaked Evening in a Norse Battlefield

Valkire. They were the choosers of the slain in Norse mythology, see what you can do with it.

“OI!” Thagr the Unbelievable waved down a passing Valkyrie. “What’s the matter with you lot? I’ve been waiting for ages!”

The battle maiden sneered down at him and declared, “You are not worthy,” before attempting to move away.

“OI! OI! You can’t do this to me! I died in battle, I did. I’m entitled to entrance to Valhalla! It’s the rules.”

She sighed the long sigh of someone who’d been through this argument too many times. “It’s not just that you died in battle, Thagr… It’s how you died in battle that counts.”


“You died in an arrow volley.”

“Yeah. So?”

“All the arrows are in your back.”

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