Challenge #00845-B114: Hearts Wild

The adventures of an Australian in the Everfree Forest.

[AN: The pony in this story has almost nothing to do with Steve Irwin and is a parody of several nature presenters and possibly Bush Tucker Man]

The Everfree Forest. A peculiar patch of land that has never needed a pony’s help to operate. The plants grow by themselves. The clouds have seeming autonomy. It’s whispered that the animals, there, eat each other.

It’s a dangerous place. Unsafe for the incautious.

Few ponies venture into it. Fewer still enjoy their travels there.

And then there’s Heart’s Wild.

Applejack met him first. She was on her way to Zecora’s to see about some sheep medicine when an excited yellow pony burst through the underbrush. He was holding something… wriggling.

“What in the hay?” blurted Applejack.

“Have ya seen anything like this little beauty?“ the colt grinned. “Such a wonderful example of nature in action.”

The… thing… in his hoofgrip was snarling and snapping.

“Uh, if’n ya say so,” allowed Applejack. “I’m more amenable to leavin’ things like that alone.”

“Wise choice,” the pony did not stop grinning. “This little blighter’s the most venomous critter I’ve ever seen! Isn’t he lovely?”

“Uh… nope.”

“Poor little mite’s got a gimpy leg, so I’m takin’ ‘im to my reserve, up Chaos Falls way. Name’s Hearts Wild.”

“Applejack,” said Applejack.

“Aw ripper! You lot make that Zap Apple Jam. My critters go ga-ga for it.”

“Awright,” said Applejack. “Reckon ya aren’t talkin’ much proper English, right now. You get out enough?”

Hearts Wild found this uproariously funny. “Yeah, I get that a lot. I’m originally from Horsetrailya. We tend to have our own gabble.”

“Wish ya luck,” Applejack edged around him and trotted onwards towards Zecora’s. “Im a might busy, you understand.”

“Right-o,” cheered Hearts Wild. He vanished into the foliage, with the snarling of his beast as the only hint he had been there.

And since his realm of experience was wild animals, it was only a matter of time before Fluttershy found out about him.

…that pony could make the most alarming friends, bless her heart.

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