Challenge #00827-B096: Cataclysmic Server Event

Extinction Level Events are just the real worlds way of conducting a server update.

[AN: Apologies for the lateness. I got distracted.]

“Okay, so what kind of server reboot are we looking at?”

“Rocks fall, everything dies.“

“Seriously? How are the event quests even managed for that?”

removing most, but not all of the Saurians and replacing them with Mammals. Loads of customisation possibilities with the Evolution

“Yahuh. And what are the event quests for the Saurians?”

“Try to save the world. None of them are taking it up though. Looks like everyone’s tired of feathers and roaring.”

Tapping on the keys. “Dude! This entire species run doesn’t have the cogniscence mod.”

“Uh. Whoops.”

“It’s too late to do anything to fix it! They’re still at hunt-and-kill and nowhere near rockets.”

“Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit…”


“Well… nothing to be done about that. Start working towards the cogniscence mod on the mammals after the reboot.”


“You’re bloody lucky nobody else noticed. One hundred and seventy-five million years and no cogniscence. Crap.”

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