Whatever happened to your X-Men: Evolution bulliten board?

Short answer: the server imploded.

Long Answer: The server imploded and took all its data with it. I had erroneously believed I had some of it, at least, backed up on a reserve hard drive, cables lost. I kept asking the Grand Fixer-Upperer to help, but he was busy. Fast forward through two computer implosions and one huge argument, and the alleged backup turns out to be no backup at all.

So, in summary, the server imploded, I lost everything, and if I started it up again, it would have to be from scratch. Given my complete state of non compis mentis with regards to all things electronic, I have no clue about what to do.

I have considered making a NutBoard app, but learning Java is hard when one also has to write books to earn moneys. And nobody’s buying them.

I have three indepentant works over on Smashwords [https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/CMWeller] so, by all means, contribute to the cause.

Maybe I can comission my best-beloved to reconstruct the site and help me get that fargnaxing FTP working…