Well fucknuckles...

I needed fuel, so now I'm down to $60 to feed the family for the rest of the week. We have stew in the freezer, amongst other concoctions. That's going to get old pretty quick, though.

After the brat run, I pretty much have to go looking to see what I can grab for real cheap and still come up with a satisfactory Keto meal. At least Unsuitable Food Friday is set. We have some leftover pastries that were ear-marked for my birthday, but never got touched. Don't have to spend money on that.

I want to believe that I can still stretch $200 for a week's worth of healthy food. I know the budget's going to stretch, but I'm going to fight that for as long as I can.

And it would really help if y'all signed on as a Patron. Even a dollar a month can help. And you get access to all sorts of content. Art, writing, music. Stuff I haven't shared with anyone else.

I dip my brush into many pots. You can see the results via that link.

Please sign up. I'd like to believe that all my work is worth something.