1. According to survivors in Kathmandu the things needed the most right now are medicine, tents, food, clothes. It is urged to not directly donate money to charities unless you can ensure that your donation is funding food-specific, or shelter-specific needs, or emergency-relief specific needs. 

2. Tents are a special priority right now because survivors are facing unpredictable, harsh weather conditions including rain, thunderstorms, high winds and a large portion of the survivors are left entirely without shelter. People are living in open spaces with nothing to protect them.

3. Because of lack of medicine the possibility of an epidemic remains high. People remain without proper shelter, without proper treatment, without drinking water and in cramped, congested areas with little attention to individual needs. 

4. Donations received by non-NGOs are subject to misuse and it is highly recommended to donate to charities funding direct material goods to groups offering emergency services in Nepal. 

5. Rural areas in Nepal are being left largely unattended to. The lack of coordination between emergency strategies is affecting rural citizens to the highest degree. 

6. Civil unrest in Nepal is extremely prevalent: people are seeking to move out of the city, but transport is limited. The few buses that do enter the city are blocked by people. Government officials have been handing out fake tickets to people for buses that never actually arrive. 

7. It is extremely important to donate to charities that are CURRENTLY IN NEPAL. Donating to directly to charities currently established IN Nepal is a better way to immediately aid those in need–instead of donating to parent charities, or associated charities, donating to groups mobilized in Nepal is extremely important. For example: donating to Red Cross Canada is less direct than donating to Red Cross Society in Nepal. 

22 million dollars has been pledged to Nepal thus far–412 million dollars is the estimated cost needed to relieve the country of the earthquake aftermath. 

To donate to the Red Cross text “redcross” to 90999 to make a 10 dollar donation. To donate a higher/lower amount click HERE. 

For a list of groups/charities in need of funds in Nepal click HERE

The information above was provided by Suwash Phuyal, a survivor of the earthquake, godform as well as these sources: [1] [2] [3] [4]