Unfuckenation Necessary

I have plans to cook up some pickled pork for our dinner. A recipe that calls for boatloads of vinegar. I have maybe a couple of cups of vinegar.

Thanks to Mayhem's new driving lesson expenditure, I have less free dosh than normal. So I need to get more for less. Which is available pretty exclusively at Costco.

They open at ten.

I also have a Cleaning Day. Which absorbs a portion of my time and energy. And a chunk of my money.

I've already thawed the meat.

So my plans are pretty highly fucked.

Meanwhile, the one remaining potential agent on my list demands a 1-2 page summary of my novel. Which takes a while, because I spent ten and a half months writing the dang thing. Reducing it to two pages maximum is a pain in my butt for exactly that reason.

If I could tell a story in two pages, I would. And publish nothing but short stories. [Which don't make me money because I give them out for free]

So I've taken to writing it like I'd write a review of a movie. No spoilers, trying to make it entertaining, and grazing over the important bits.

Here's hoping that this one works, because this is literally my last shot. At least, before trying to get my money back out of AR&E and looking for representation somewhere else. On my own.

Not looking forward to that.

At all.

If anyone knows anyone in the publishing industry who likes my bizarre flavour of fiction, do point those nice publishing people my way. I really need help with getting out there and I can't afford to buy my way into getting attention.