I'm leaving debate with my objector until I have the time and energy to even bother with them. Why?

Rape culture is not really a thing (another example of looking for evidence of a predetermined conclusion)

That's a troll statement if there ever was one. It's looking for an adverse reaction owing to rage caused at the colossal ignorance necessary to string those words together in that order. Newsflash, sir, you're soaking in it.

As I said, I'm leaving that until after I've expended my energies in more constructive pursuits. If I feel like taking on a troll.

I need to focus on the things that matter for my career. Not a troll.

In other news, I now have my new glasses. Getting used to them is an exercise in vertigo. I've already put a nice gash on my shin thanks to not quite being used to distances as viewed just yet. I'm adapting sort of okay, but I anticipate more accidents and probably more than a little lateral instability because focal lengths are different depending on where my eyes go.

For instance, if I want to focus on text, I have to move the centre of my vision onto the specific point. Pain in the arse for me, but apparently, that's how 'natural focus' works.

I dunno.

Onwards with the chaos of my regular occupation.