Thursday again?

I just had one of the worst nights of my life, and it's partially my own fool fault.

1) I went to bed earlier (dumb)
2) I turned the air con from 'cool' to 'fan' earlier in the day and forgot to turn it back (dumber)
3) The mattress we chose some years ago has a layer that allegedly mimics human flesh for comfort. What it also does is retain heat like a motherfucker
4) I generate heat when I'm asleep. Major league.
5) Long about fuckoff in the morning, the heat under my bod is BURNING HOT and I literally cannot sleep any more. This time, that happened at roughly half-past one in the morning
6) I can't get comfortable with a freaking hotplate on my bed, and seeking relief can take ages. Hours at minimum.

I did manage to get some extra sleep after a wakefulness period that lasted until about 3AM, but the benefits are marginal at best.

Peeps love giving me hints like "Take a bath/have warm milk/do meditation to help you fall asleep :)))" but... my problem isn't falling asleep. My problem is every muscle in my bod being SLOW ROASTED in the middle of the night. And the old favourite "once I'm up, I'm up" brand of sleeplessness that gets cursed by whoever has it.

My current "fix" for this is forced physical relocation to a cool spot. Which inevitably fails because I tend to roll back into my own body hollow which is still at approximately 40C. [I exaggerate. I have yet to measure peak mattress temperature because I'm firkin tired at that point in the alleged day]

Since my feet get cold but my core gets hot, I may upend myself in the bed tonight. See if that works.

Meanwhile, I'm cogniscent enough so off I go wahey.