Still keeping up with Steven Universe? That most recent episode pair certainly threw out some wrenches...

I saw that one.

On one hand: headcannon confirmed! YAY! I freaking called it!

On the other hand… what the heck is the history here? Is Lapis a rogue Gem or has she turned bitter from being in the mirror for too long?

Does she want to destroy the world she’s been trapped on, or does she just want to explore?

If the Gems prevented her from leaving - why? Why was her presence so important?

We already have the fact that the Gems don’t understand the people they are meant to protect [See: Pearl] and there’s this ongoing quest to recover artefacts of magic [why?]

I mean, I was worried about Pearl. She seems to be sliding slowly down a path that leads to corruption. Or, at least, power hunger.

She’s already an uptight control freak. She just freaking destroyed Steven’s teddy-bear because it wasn’t symmetrical…

I think Steven Universe is about to go to some Dark Places…