Steven Universe Theory



I think we are all are getting blind sided by the real problem about the Steven Universe thing. We think the Home World Gems are the ones to fear but were not looking at the bigger picture. The gems were expanding their armies way before the war we knew. The war here only started because it had sentient life on it, implying they were doing this on worlds before and just this one had life on it.

The home world gems wrote this place off and came back to it much later. They came back to pick up on some experiments they left off. They want to force fuse “broken” gems. Gems that are already considered dead. The ones that were buried.  

We are distracted by Garnet though. We are distracted about Steven’s problems, Lapiz Lazuli, and your little green dorito. Rightfully so, as any good writer would have you to believe. Distracted from what though? Think about the logistics of it. You go from planet to planet and you plant gems. You should have no difficulty creating an army. You don’t NEED to bring back dead gems if your army’s size is so great. So why go about and do experiments like this?


Because the Home World Gems are fighting a war with someone else, and you know what’s worse? They are losing.

Think about it. You have this great army going on here. You just simply fly to a new planet and plant more gems if you want more, but your gems are getting slaughtered and broken to pieces by something else and they’re starting to get desperate. What ever battle ground this is happening on, they can’t so easily pick up their dead. Logically you go back to Earth where you know there are tons of broken gems and no horrible legions of what ever is out there giving the Home world a run for its money. 


Rose Quartz was a diamond at one point. At one point of time she was a leader who fought for the home world for a reason. Suddenly what happened on Earth crossed her morals. So the Home World Gems weren’t always the bad guys, but what ever they have been fighting has been pushing them.  What ever they were fighting may have even been a lot simpler problem back then, but losing Earth and losing at least one Diamond such as Rose may have dramatically set them back. The Home World only pulled out of Rose’s war because they no longer had the resources to continue two wars at once. Even thinking about it, the home world trying to fuse broken gems could be their desperate measure for making up for no longer having Rose’s vital healing tears anymore.


Putting things in that perspective, it’s possible that when Jasper said that Rose Quartz takes priorities, she didn’t mean it because of her own personal vendetta against Rose but rather the strategic advantage of having Rose’s healing capabilities on their side again. Exactly the reason why they needed to take dear Steven directly to Yellow Diamond themselves.

I bet my ass theyre fighting a war against a race of sentient metals that use he/him pronouns

Which means that the Bismuth in Rose’s bubble inside Lion’s mane…

Is not an ally or a Gem… but a captive. [Image credit: Steven Universe Wiki]

Ooo… what if they have similar powers to the Gems?