re: 3 stories in one day- I'm sorry, I was trying to add three suggestions to the queue, I didn't expect you to do them all at once!

The way Tumblr is rigged at the moment means that once I respond to a submission or an ask, it’s gone from my inbox forever. So my options are:

1) just do one and hope I don’t forget I have two others to do by the next day [my memory is a shocking, shocking thing]

2) Do all prompts at once so that I actually don’t forget and maybe catch up a little on the days I’ve accidentally skipped [favoured!]

As you can see, the latter option leads to the least amount of outraged “I wanted THIS story, not THAT one" type complaints in my inbox. It works. I’ve yet to receive any kind of correspondence from an upset fan/follower.

Posting because I think every follower deserves an explanation, there.