Random reasons to love Steam Powered Giraffe #7

You know what? Fuck it. I'm posting these before I do my Instant in the morning. Having them written in advance is just a bonus. No more apologies. I have the organisational skills of a diseased whelk. Let's just live with that.

Okay? Okay.

Today's reason: Five-star production values on a five-dollar budget

Pretty much all of the money that SPG earns from their music and the Engineer-ateer site [for as little as $2 a month, you can have access to all kinds of delicious, extra content] goes into making the music sound its best and the band and the music videos look the best.

And given their crowded schedules, it's just amazing what they can do.

No time for a vid because you're on tour? No problem? Just film during a concert:

Or get some extra footage from the local parks. And parking garage:

And they get loads of mileage out of digital trickery and blue/green screens:

[White Rabbit may be a teeny homage to Isabella's mime beginnings]

That's not makeup on Chelsea Penyak [one of the Walter Workers on their stage show] she only wore concealer on her lips [and a red wig] That is all colour 'correction'.