Random reason to love Steam Powered Giraffe #6

Argh, I wrote yesterday's post in the morning so I could post it by the evening, and then I forgot to post it. I derped big time.

Fingers crossed, I actually remember to post this one tonight. I'm not holding my breath though.

Today's reason to love Steam Powered Giraffe is: Their covers.

Once in a great, long while [averaging roughly once per album] band members hear something cool on the radio and decide, "Hey, we can do something to that."

Then they buy the rights to produce a cover and... things like this happen [Warning: digitally-enhanced decapitation]:

[SPG history moment: This is the first video to include G.G. the Giraffe. They're puppeteers, too] This is also the video that cemented The Spine into the "hot damn" section of my perverted mind.

David's done an even half of the cover videos. Including one that showcases his epic mime skills:

The fandom still wonders if he put on the makeup for filming. The blood vessel animation was hand-made by a friend of the band. Yeah. Talent is everywhere around them, as well as bursting from their pores.

And speaking of talent... Check out the other two vids. [Warning: the first video contains a gross-out tag scene]:

The 'bunny ears' incarnation of Rabbit didn't last long. I didn't get enough time to process my feelings about it before yet another change in her look.

Plus la change, plus la awesome.