I owe money to my family

Our credit card that we use for everything was just cancelled and I am expected to pay back for at least 50% of what I used for it.

That means $50-$355 dollars depending on if the situation can be eased.

I will attempt to create a paypal and will open commissions. 

All money will go to my parents and not me.

Signal boost if you can please

Situation got worse

The computer that is used for taxes and many other important things that are vital for our household to run


It won’t turn on and it wont allow us to do anything.

We need to buy a new one.


Father had surgery, it took a lot of money. My mother is growing more and more abusive.

I am struggling to attempt to make a paypal, the situation at home is preventing me from creating it. All I ask is for people to Reblog this and let more people know that I will soon be opening commissions.